Dumps4download 646-671 Exam Question 9

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Dumps4download 646-671 Exam Question 9

The CIO of a small, commercial company wants to learn about the cost benefits of enabling
voice-over-Wi-Fi services. How do you describe the service to him?
Select the best response.

A. Voice-over-Wi-Fi that is integrated into the wired network allows a single control point to guarantee the
quality of the call, regardless of the transport over which the call is carried. This leads to significant cost savings.
B. Voice-over-Wi-Fi provides continued cost savings through the convergence of communications devices.
C. With voice-over-Wi-Fi, the Cisco Unified wireless solution supports quality of service.
D. With voice-over-Wi-Fi, the telephony system recognizes Wi-Fi handsets in the same way that it recognizes traditional desktop phones, which allows employees to make and receive calls when they are mobile.


Answer: B 

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