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Exam Description:

The Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM) exam (210-455) is a 90-minute, 55–65 question assessment that is associated with the CCNA Cloud Certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the basics of Cisco Cloud administration including Cloud provisioning, management, monitoring, reporting, charge-back models, and remediation.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Recommended Training:

The following course is the recommended training for this exam.

  •     Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM) E-Learning

Courses listed are offered by Cisco Learning Partners-the only authorized source for Cisco IT training delivered exclusively by Certified Cisco Instructors. Check the List of Learning Partners for a Cisco Learning Partner nearest you.

Exam Number    :           210-455 CLDADM

Associated Certifications  :    CCNA Cloud

Duration    :      90 Minutes (55 - 65 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

PDF 210-451 Dumps Exam Question 10

Which Cloud storage technology would be accessed via the following URL?


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PDF 210-451 Dumps Exam Question 9

Which Cisco product can provide an iSCSI target for an iSCSI initiator?

A.Cisco MDS 9710
B.Cisco Nexus 7010
C.Cisco UCS Invicta
D.Cisco Nexus 9510

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PDF 210-451 Dumps Exam Question 8

Company ABC hosts all their applications internally. During one day of the month, the demand for their applications far exceeds the capacity of their datacenter. Which Cloud model should Company ABC consider using?


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210-451 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which two options are benefits of the Cisco InterCloud Solution? (Choose two.)

A.enforces standardization on a single hypervisor product
B.provides self service for hybrid resources of heterogeneous SAN solutions connectivity between public and private Clouds

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Free Cisco 210-451 Exam Question 6

Which Cloud service model is appropriate for a physical data center move to the Cloud?

A.Infrastructure as a Service
B.Platform as a Service
C.Compute as a Service
D.Software as a Service

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Cisco 210-451 Dumps Exam Question 5

Whichthreeare the components of Cisco InterCloud solution? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Director
B. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Provider Platform
C. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Extension
D. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Portal
E. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Protocol
F. Cisco InterCloud Fabric Service Platform

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Pass Your Cisco 210-451 Question Number 4

Which option describes what the use of no_root_squash does in an NFS environment?

A. It causes the NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and is required for hypervisors that utilize RBAC for users.
B. It allows a NFS share to be mounted and written to as the root user by the hypervisor.
C. It allows a NFS share to be mounted by root, but all subsequent writes are as a non-root user.
D. It allows a NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and all subsequent writes are as a non-root user.

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Pass Your Cisco 210-451 Question Number 3

Which administrative task is most disruptive to a Cisco UCS B-Series cluster?

A. reboot of a Fabric Interconnect
B. changing the switching mode of a Fabric Interconnect
C. re-seating a server
D. resetting an IOM

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Latest Cisco 210-451 sample questions 2

What are two characteristics of a LUN? (Choose two.)

A. A LUN must be fully comprised of one physical disk
B. A LUN handles file system creation
C. A LUN can be comprised of multiple physical disks
D. A LUN is a unique identifier

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Dumps4download 210-451 Exam Question 1

What is an invalid Cloud deployment model?

A. distributed
B. private
C. community
D. hybrid

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