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Exam Description:

This exam assesses learner's knowledge and skills that are required to troubleshoot a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution. The assessment covers troubleshooting methodology, triage, resources, and tools. The exam also covers Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Video Communication Server (VCS) Control, the Cisco Expressway Series, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, and media resources, including voice and video conferences.

Recommended Training:

The following course is the recommended training for this exam:

  •     Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony & Video (CTCOLLAB)
  •     Cisco Technology Training for Collaboration E-Learning

Courses listed are offered by Cisco Learning Partners-the only authorized source for Cisco IT training delivered exclusively by Certified Cisco Instructors. Check the List of Learning Partners for a Cisco Learning Partner nearest you.

Exam Number    :          300-080 CTCOLLAB

Associated Certifications  :    CCNP Collaboration

Duration    :     75 Minutes (55 - 65 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

PDF 300-080 Dumps Exam Question 10

Which set is likely to resolve an issue with one-way audio on an H.323 gateway?

A.Option A
B.Option B
C.Option C
D.Option D

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300-080 Dumps Exam Question 9

Refer to the exhibits.

Assume that all learned SAF routes are placed in the SAF_Pt partition. An IP phone CSS contains the following partitions in this order: Internal_Pt, SAF_Pt. When the IP phone places a call to 3001, what will occur?

A.The call will succeed and will be placed via the SAF network. SAF-learned routes always take precedence.
B.The call will fail because it will be blocked by the route pattern.
C.The call will be placed in a round-robin fashion between the SAF network and SIP_Trunk.
D.The call will be placed in a round-robin fashion between the SAF network and SIP_Trunk. Every other call will fail

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Free Cisco 300-080 Exam Question 8

A customer reports trial calls that are made through the PSTN gateway drop after few seconds of being placed on mute. Which MGCP configuration command can you issue in the gateway to resolve this problem?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.mgcp explicit hookstate
B.mgcp max-walling-delay mgcp rtp unreachable timeout mgcp timer receive-rtcp

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Cisco 300-080 Real Exam Question 7

Phone A is able to dial the directory number of Phone B and complete a call. However, when Phone B dials the directory number of Phone A, Phone B receives a fast-busy tone. What is causing this issue?

A. Phone A and Phone B are in different partitions.
B. Phone B does not have Phone A in its partition.
C. Phone B is not in the CSS of Phone A.
D. Phone B does not have the CSS of Phone A in its partition.
E. Phone B is not registered.
F. Phone B has the incorrect CSS to dial Phone A.

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Free Cisco 300-080 Exam Question 6

During a business-to-business video call through the Cisco Expressway solution, the internal endpoint can call out to the remote endpoint on the Internet, but it does not receive audio or video. The remote endpoint receives both audio and video. What is causing the issue?

A. The Cisco Expressway does not have a Rich Media Session license.
B. The firewall is blocking SIP signaling.
C. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager is not configured for business-to-business calling.
D. The firewall is blocking inbound RTP ports.
E. The Advanced Networking option is not installed on the Expressway Edge.

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Latest Cisco 300-080 Exam Question Number 5

After you deploy a hardware transcoder, users without a common codec are unable to complete cafe to one another. Which two actions must you take (Choose two.)

A. Use RTMT to verify mat transcoder resources are available
B. verify that all SIP trunks are registered within Cisco Unified Communications Manager
C. verify that media resources are assigned to the transcoder
D. verify that the transcoder registered with Cisco Untied Communications Manage.
E. verify that the transcoder is running the latest firmware and flash NVRAM

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Latest Cisco 300-080 Exam Question Number 4

A remote office uses a VPN with the HQ office to register its phones for centralized management. The office has a local SIP gateway with PRI for calling and to support SRST On the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, a device pool is created for this site with media resources that are local to Cisco Unified Communications Manager A SIP trunk that requires an MTP connects to the gateway Users report voice quality issues when making and receiving calls. How do you resolve this issue?

A. Restart the phones at the remote office
B. Restart the voice gateway and switch
C. Enable QoS on the remote office
D. Assign an MTP that is local the remote office lo the device pool that is used by the phones.

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Pass Your Cisco 300-080 Exam Sample Question 3

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager troubleshooting tool can be used to determine the digit manipulation path a call takes within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system from the perspective of a specific directory number, without having the actual device at hand?

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Real Time Monitoring Tool
D. Cisco Unified Syslog Viewer E. Cisco IOS debugs

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Pass Your Cisco 300-080 Exam Sample Question 2

Which debug command analyzes messages that are produced by SIP during the call setup process in IOS?

A. Show isdn status
B. debug voip ccapi input
C. show sip-ua register status
D. debug isdn q931
E. debug ccsip messages
F. debug voice dialpeer

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Free Cisco 300-080 Exam Question 1

Users on your network report fast busy signals when they attempt to place calls. While troubleshooting, you verify that the codecs are configured correctly and determine that the network carries up to 200 concurrent calls at different times of the day. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two)

A. Add more Cisco Unified Communications Managers to the cluster.
B. Add more DSPs to the NM-HD
C. Increase the number of sessions to the maximum allowed by system resources.
D. Implement an SRST-CMF gateway to improve resource allocation.
E. Add a Cisco Catalyst switch to the environment to increase port density
F. Bind the network PRIs to add additional bandwidth

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