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Exam Description:

The Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) exam (300-360) is a 90-minute, 60-70 question assessment that is associated with the CCNP Wireless certification. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of identifying customer and application requirements, applying predictive wireless design principles and conducting site surveys needed to design and optimize Enterprise wireless networks.


The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific instance of the exam. To better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, these guidelines may change at any time without notice. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) course.

Recommended Training:

The following course is the recommended training for this exam.

  •  Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN)

Exam Number    :       300-360

Associated Certifications    :    CCNP Wireless

Duration    :    90 Minutes (60 - 70 questions)

Available Languages    :    English,Japanese

Register    :    Pearson VUE

PDF 300-360 Dumps Exam Question 10

A customer is deploying a mesh outdoor wireless network based on FCC standards wherespectrum analysis shows significant radar energy propagating throughout the coveragearea from a local weather station. Which channel must be excluded from the access pointsRRM calculation to avoid network disruption due to weather radar activity?


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PDF 300-360 Dumps Exam Question 9

An engineer is tuning RRM parameters to improve client connectivity. Which channel band results in the best 802.11n client compatibility?


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300-360 Dumps Exam Question 8

An engineer is deploying an outdoor Mesh network. Which four major factors should be considered? (Choose four.)

C.traffic lights
D.satellite dishes
E.line of sight connectivity
G.power lines

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Free Cisco 300-360 Exam Question 7

An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment
environment, which requires data and voice services. Which of the following is a
requirement for the design?

A.overlapping -72 dBm coverage from two access points
B.overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points
C.continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point
D.continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point

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Free Cisco 300-360 Exam Question 6

Which two steps are associated with the active portion of the audit when a post-installation audit is performed with an auditing tool such as Ekahau? (Choose two.)

A. Check for co-channel interference by standing near an access point on one channel and watching for other access points that are on the same channel.
B. Verify smooth roaming.
C. Check to see if the signal level on other access points that are heard on the same channel is at least 19dBm weaker than the access point that you are next to.
D. Check that all channels are supported by the APs, regardless of client capabilities.
E. Verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packet loss meets user requirements.

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Free Cisco 300-360 Exam Question 5

As part of a wireless site survey in a hospital, an engineer needs to identify potential Layer 1 interferers. In which three areas is the engineer most likely expect to find sources of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF noise? (Choose three.)

A. emergency room
B. magnetic resonance imaging
C. laboratory
D. X-ray radiography
E. Gamma Knife radiation treatment
F. kitchen

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Pass Your Cisco 300-360 Question Number 4

An engineer is preparing for an outdoor wireless survey to mesh connect a distant remote building to a connected building. Which two types of antennas are appropriate for this application? (Choose two.)

A. circular polarized
B. patch
C. dish
D. Yagi
E. omni

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Pass Your Cisco 300-360 Question Number 3

Which three options are benefits of U-APSD? (Choose three.)

A. optimized power-save mode periods
B. increased call capacity
C. bandwidth reservation
D. synchronization of the transmission and reception of voice frames
E. efficient roaming
F. priority bandwidth and polling

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Latest Cisco 300-360 PDF Download Question 2

A customer has deployed an N+N redundant wireless infrastructure. In this deployment, the access points have been salt and peppered between controllers. What configuration would be necessary to cut down on the use of mobility tunnels for voice clients?

A. mobility anchor
B. KIS based CAC
C. media session snooping
D. re-anchor roamed voice clients

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Cisco 300-360 Exam Question 1

A customer has a business-critical voice network and wants to be alerted whenever voice clients move out of a coverage area and experience RSSI below -67 dBm on the 5 GHz band. Which option can be configured on the wireless controller to alert network administrators when this limit is surpassed?

A. EDCA; voice optimized
B. SIP voice sample interval
C. 802.11a voice RSSI coverage threshold
D. traffic stream metrics

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