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Exam Description:

The Cisco Collaboration Written Exam (400-051) validates that candidates have the skills to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot enterprise collaboration and communication networks.

An Evolving Technologies section is included in the Written exam only. It will enable candidates to bridge their core technology expertise with knowledge of the evolving technologies that are being adopted at an accelerated pace, such as cloud, IoT, and network programmability.


It has been recalibrated and will consist of three subdomains and a total of five tasks for which the expected depth of knowledge will be focused on conceptual comprehension. The Evolving Technologies section will account for 10 percent of the total score while the remaining core technologies will account for 90 percent.


The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Recommended Training:
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Exam Number    :          400-051 CCIE Collaboration

Associated Certifications    :    CCIE Collaboration

Duration    :    120 minutes (90 - 110 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

PDF 400-051 Dumps Exam Question 10

A.Split-horizon must be enabled under EIGRP.
B.The SAF EIGRP instance must be configured under a virtual instance name.
C.The session target on the dial peers should point to the next-hop SAF forwarder.
D.The Cisco Unified CME must be configured for SIP under voice service saf when
communicating with Cisco Unified CM clusters over SAF.

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PDF 400-051 Dumps Exam Question 9

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is upgrading existing frame-relay network to MPLS using Ethernet. The
amount of bandwidth from service provider will remain the same. What two issues the
engineer must consider when changing from frame-relay to Ethernet for voice connectivity?
(Choose two)

A.Overhead with Ethernet L2 is much smaller than Frame-Relay L2 headers
B.Using G711 codec, calls will consume slightly more bandwidth over Ethernet than
frame-relay calls
C.Ability to use header compression will not be available when using ethernet
D.Using G711 codec, calls will consume slightly less bandwidth over Ethernet than frame-
relay calls
E.Ethernet and MPLS will allow engineer to implement QoS which is not available on
frame relay

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400-051 Dumps Exam Question 8

Refer to the exhibit.

Which option describes how this Cisco IOS SIP gateway, with an analog phone attached to its FXS port, handles an incoming informational SIP 180 response message with SDP?

A.It will enable early media cut-through.
B.It will generate local ring back.
C.It will do nothing because the message is informational.
D.It will terminate the call because this is an unsupported message format.
E.It will take the FXS port offhook.

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Free Cisco 400-051 Exam Question 7

Which statement describes the external database requirement for the Cisco IM and
Presence permanent group chat feature?

A.All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a physical external database.
B.All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a logical external database.
C.Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own physical external
D.Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own logical external
E.An external database is not mandatory.

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Free Cisco 400-051 Exam Question 6

In addition to SIP triggers, which two trigger types can invoke applications on Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.)

C. VoiceView
E. Cisco Unified CM telephony
F. voice mail

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400-051 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which two types of line codes are configurable for an E1 PRI controller on a Cisco IOS
router? (Choose two.)


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Pass Your Cisco 400-051 Question Number 4

Under which three conditions will a Cisco 9971 IP Phone request the "xmldefault.cnf.xml" file from TFTP server in a Cisco Unified CM cluster? (Choose three)

A. The phone is registered to the CUCM cluster but need to update its firmware
B. The phone is attempting to register to the CUCM cluster for the first time
C. Auto-registration is disabled on CUCM cluster
D. The phone has not yet been defined in the CUCM database
E. The phone is attempting to change from SIP firmware to SCCP firmware
F. Auto-registration is enabled on CUCM cluster

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Download 400-051 PDF Question Number 3

What is the maximum number of configurable speed dial entries for a Cisco Unified 9971 IP phone

A. 4
B. 199
C. 50
D. 3
E. 2

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Latest Cisco 400-051 PDF Download Question 2

Which two options are Power Save configuration parameters for Cisco 9971 IP Phones?(Choose two.)

A. Phone On Time
B. Phone Off Idle Timeout
C. Day Display Not Active
D. Enable Audio Alert
E. Enable Power Save Plus
F. Display on Duration

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Latest Cisco 400-051 PDF Download Question 1

An engineer is troubleshooting Cisco Jabber Federation where the server cannot discover the external Lync domains using SRV records. Which two steps resolve this problem? (Choose two)?

A. Configure the port number as 5065.
B. Configure the destination pattern as "".
C. Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Microsoft Lync Server.
D. Configure the destination pattern as ".com.lyncdomainname*"
E. Configure the port number as 5060.
F. Set the protocol to TLS.
G. Set the Next Hop value as the IP address of the Lync Domain servers.
H. Set the protocol to TCP.

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