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Cisco 500-007 Real Exam Question 10

How does an administrator move an endpoint efficiently from one conference to another on a Cisco TelePresence MCU?

A.From the Move Participants screen, right-click the participant and select the new conference from the drop-down list.
B.From the Move Participants screen, drag and drop a participant from one conference to another.
C.From the Conference menu, select the participant, and then select the new conference
D.From the web interface, disconnect the participant, and then reconnect manually to the new conference

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Dumps4download 500-007 Exam Question 9

What effect does the 'Prefix for MCU Registrations' have on Cisco TelePresence MCU registration?

A.The prefix replaces the domain if the prefix is dialed.
B.The prefix is placed in front of all SIP URIs.
C.Anything that is dialed with the prefix will be routed to the Cisco TelePresence MCU.
D.The prefix is placed in front of all E.164 aliases

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Free Cisco 500-007 Exam Question 8

How do you obtain a SIP log from the Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 to send to Cisco TAC for further analysis?

A.Navigate to Maintenance > Logs, and then download the log.
B.Navigate to Logs > Event Log > SIP Details, and then download the log.
C.Navigate to Logs > H.323/SIP Log, click Enable H323/SIP Logging, and then download the log.
D.Use FTP to access the MCU, go to the directory /etc/logs/sip, and get all the files in that directory.

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PDF 500-007 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which command is used to set the IP configuration for a Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300?

A.status IP address netmask default GW
B.xconfigure IP address netmask default GW
C.static A IP address netmask default GW
D.set IP address netmask default GW DNS server address

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Cisco 500-007 Dumps Exam Question 6

When configuring a Cisco TelePresence EX, MX, or C Series device, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.The unit can be completely configured from the web interface.
B.If available, the TRC5 remote control can be used to completely configure the unit.
C.The API must be used in order to configure the unit.
D.The Touch panel can be used to completely configure the unit.

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500-007 Dumps Exam Question 5

What does the Cisco TelePresence MCU service prefix do?

A.ensures that all H323 calls beginning with the prefix are routed to the Cisco TelePresence MCU added to all aliases before registration
C.diverts calls to the default auto attendant
D.identifies which services the Cisco TelePresence MCU will offer in each configured meeting room

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Free 500-007 Training Exam Question 4

If the zones in a VCS firewall traversal solution are established, what else is needed before connections can be established in both directions?

A.A call policy must be established
B.VCS search rules must be created for each zone.
C.The VCS control and the VCS expressway must be neighbored.
D.Transforms must be created in the VCS traversal server zone.

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Cisco 500-007 Exam Questions 3

Which feature or features will work on a new Cisco TelePresence VCS as soon as the IPconfiguration is done?

B.H.323 and SIP
C.H.323, SIP, and Interworking
D.H.323, SIP, Interworking, and Firewall Traversal

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Cisco 500-007 Free Exam Question 2

In the SIP configuration, which two items need to match in the CiscoTelePresence VCS configurationand the endpoint configuration? (Choose two.)

A.service prefix
B.Cisco VCS IP address
C.DNS server
D.SIP domain

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Free Cisco 500-007 Exam Question 1

Which two settings can be configured using the serial connection when you are running the Cisco TelePresence VCS install wizard? (Choose two.)

A.device name
B.device ID number
C.IP address
E.default video codec

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