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Cisco 500-265 Real Exam Question 10

Which Cisco Secure Access solution provides centralized policy management to give administrators more granular control over access authorization?

A.Cisco Identity Services Engine
B.Cisco TrustSec
C.Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints
D.Cisco AnyConnect
E.Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall

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Dumps4download 500-265 Exam Question 9

In the Cisco TrustSec "User to Data Center Access Control" use case, which users typically have access to the company data center?

A.  suppliers 
B.  employees 
C.  noncompliant users 
D.  guests

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Free Cisco 500-265 Exam Question 8

Which VPN offering removes the need for point-to-point GRE tunnels?

A.standard IPsec VPN
B.Cisco Easy VPN
C.Cisco GRE-based VPN

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PDF 500-265 Dumps Exam Question 7

Reputation filtering performs which two functions? (Choose two.)

A.rates each site based on a reputation score
B.automatically updates devices based on threats itself according to relevance to the network
D.communicates with Cisco SenderBase, which is a common security database
E.analyzes in-depth parameters for anything that requests network access

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Cisco 500-265 Dumps Exam Question 6

What are two reasons why companies need Cisco Unified Access technology? (Choose two.)

A.Fifty-six percent of employees who leave a company take private information with them.
B.Competitors are gaining a 33 percent market share.
C.Eighty-one percent of businesses allow personal devices at work that require access.
D.Staff is unable to keep up with newer data center technology.
E.Provisioning time for data centers has decreased from eight weeks to 15 minutes.
F.Management is expected to decrease IT budgets by 25 percent.
G.Companies need to secure data with unified access policies and essential controls.
H.Cloud data storage is 60 percent less cost-efficient than on-premises storage.

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500-265 Dumps Exam Question 5

What is the main reason that customers need Cisco Secure Access?

A.Companies use more social media than ever before.
B.Organizations need to block high-risk websites.
C.Network traffic is growing at an exponential rate.
D.Storage is moving from on-premises to cloud-based.
E.More devices are connecting on and off campus.
F.More business is done using the web and email than ever before

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Free 500-265 Training Exam Question 4

Which two options are benefits of Cisco Application Visibility and Control for administrators? (Choose two.)

A.It ensures device compliance.
B.It restricts only entire applications.
C.It limits individual or group-based access to certain application components.
D.You can gain greater visibility into devices that are accessing the network.
E.You can access the contents of each device remotely.

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Cisco 500-265 Exam Questions 3

The current Cisco comprehensive framework solutions are divided into which three categories? (Choose three.)

A.Content Security
B.Cloud Security
C.Network Security
D.Access Security
E.Data Center Security
F.Internet Security
G.Advanced Malware Protection

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Cisco 500-265 Free Exam Question 2

In the Cisco future solutions architecture framework, the security solutions are directly built upon which component? and intelligence capabilities
B.Cisco security platforms
C.third-party applications intelligence operations

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Free Cisco 500-265 Exam Question 1

After a user prepares and sends an encrypted message to a recipient, what is the next step?

A.The decrypted message is displayed to the recipient.
B.The encrypted message is displayed to the recipient.
C.The email is forwarded to new users to be authenticated.
D.The encryption key is stored in the Cisco ESA servers.
E.The customer receives an encrypted message that requires a decryption key.

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