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Cisco 500-275 Real Exam Question 10

A default FireAMP Private Cloud installation can accommodate how many connectors over which period of time?

A.100 connectors over a 15-day period
B.1000 connectors over a 45-day period
C.5000 connectors over a 10-day period
D.500 connectors over a 30-day period

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Dumps4download 500-275 Exam Question 9

Which hosts merit special consideration for crafting a policy?

A.end-user hosts
B.domain controllers
C.Linux servers
D.none, because all hosts should get equal consideration

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Free Cisco 500-275 Exam Question 8

Which tool can you use to query the history.db file?


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PDF 500-275 Dumps Exam Question 7

How does application blocking enhance security?

A.It identifies and logs usage.
B.It tracks application abuse.
C.It dletes identified applications.
D.It blocks vulnerable applications from running, until they are patched.

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Cisco 500-275 Dumps Exam Question 6

Incident responders use which policy mode for outbreak control?


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500-275 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which option is a detection technology that is used by FireAMP?

A.fuzzy matching
B.Norton AntiVirus scans

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Free 500-275 Training Exam Question 4

What do policies enable you to do?

A.specify a custom whitelist
B.specify group membership
C.specify hosts to include in reports
D.specify which events to view

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Cisco 500-275 Exam Questions 3

Which statement represents a best practice for deploying on Windows servers?

A.You should treat Windows servers like any other host in the deployment.
B.You should obtain the Microsoft TechNet article that describes the proper exclusions for Windows servers.
C.You should never configure exclusions for Windows servers.
D.You should deploy FireAMP connectors only alongside existing antivirus software on Windows servers.

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Cisco 500-275 Free Exam Question 2

How can customers feed new intelligence such as files and hashes to FireAMP? uploading it to the FTP server
B.from the connector
C.through the management console sending it via email

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Free Cisco 500-275 Exam Question 1

The Accounts menu contains items that are related to FireAMP console accounts. Which menu allows you to set the default group policy?

A.Audit Log

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