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Cisco 500-280 Real Exam Question 10

Given the regular expression /[^Cc]at/, where does the system look for the "C" or "c"? the beginning of the line the end of the line
D.nowhere, because the content is negated

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Dumps4download 500-280 Exam Question 9

Which version of libpcap does DAQ require?

A.0.9.8 or later
B.1.0.0 or later
C.any version

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Free Cisco 500-280 Exam Question 8

Which action is valid for decoder/preprocessor stub rules?

A.file I/O

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PDF 500-280 Dumps Exam Question 7

What is the minimum action that you should take when configuring a new Snort installation?

A.Turn on all the rules.
B.Inform your users that you have deployed an IDS/IPS.
C.Provision more network bandwidth in case your installation causes latency.
D.Configure your HOME_NET to include the networks that you want the sensor to protect.

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Cisco 500-280 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which action should you perform to enable or disable entire classes of rules through the snort.conf file?

A.  Specify the -e or :-d command-line argument. 
B.  Comment or uncomment the rule class. 
C.  Build and reference a separate rules-configuration file. 
D.  Specify the enable or the disable argument

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500-280 Dumps Exam Question 5

What does protocol normalization do?

A.compares evaluated packets to normal, daily network-traffic patternsB.
removes any protocol-induced or protocol-allowable ambiguities
C.compares a packet to related traffic from the same session, to determine whether the packet is out of sequence
D.removes application layer data, whether or not it carries protocol-induced anomalies, so that packet headers can be inspected more accurately for signs of abuse

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Free 500-280 Training Exam Question 4

Which output is in a lightweight, binary form?


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Cisco 500-280 Exam Questions 3

Which IPS placement option is the noisiest?

A.inside the firewall
B.outside the firewall
C.inside the DMZ
D.inside general user segments

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Cisco 500-280 Free Exam Question 2

What is VRT?

A.Very Reliable Technology
B.Vulnerability Resolved Testing
C.Vulnerability Research Team
D.Vulnerability Resources and Testing

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Free Cisco 500-280 Exam Question 1

Which output method is the fastest for Snort?

C.binary (tcpdump)

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