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Cisco 500-285 Real Exam Question 10

Correlation policy rules allow you to construct criteria for alerting on very specific conditions. Which option is an example of such a rule?

A.testing password strength when accessing an application
B.limiting general user access to administrative file shares
C.enforcing two-factor authentication for access to critical servers
D.issuing an alert if a noncompliant operating system is detected or if a host operating system changes to a noncompliant operating system when it was previously profiled as a compliant one

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Dumps4download 500-285 Exam Question 9

Which interface type allows for VLAN tagging?

C.high-availability link

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Free Cisco 500-285 Exam Question 8

Alert priority is established in which way?

A.event classification
B.priority.conf file criticality selection
D.through Context Explorer

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PDF 500-285 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which statement describes the meaning of a red health status icon?

A.A critical threshold has been exceeded.
B.At least one health module has failed.
C.A health policy has been disabled on a monitored device.
D.A warning threshold has been exceeded

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Cisco 500-285 Dumps Exam Question 6

Where do you configure widget properties?

A.dashboard properties
B.the Widget Properties button in the title bar of each widget
C.the Local Configuration page
D.Context Explorer

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500-285 Dumps Exam Question 5

What is the maximum timeout value for a browser session?

A.60 minutes
B.120 minutes
C.1024 minutes
D.1440 minutes

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Free 500-285 Training Exam Question 4

Other than navigating to the Network File Trajectory page for a file, which option is an alternative way of accessing the network trajectory of a file?

A.from Context Explorer
B.from the Analysis menu
C.from the cloud
D.from the Defense Center

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Cisco 500-285 Exam Questions 3

Which option is used to implement suppression in the Rule Management user interface?

A.Rule Category

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Cisco 500-285 Free Exam Question 2

When adding source and destination ports in the Ports tab of the access control policy rule editor, which restriction is in place?

A.The protocol is restricted to TCP only.
B.The protocol is restricted to UDP only.
C.The protocol is restricted to TCP or UDP.
D.The protocol is restricted to TCP and UDP.

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Free Cisco 500-285 Exam Question 1

Which option is true regarding the $HOME_NET variable? a policy-level variable
B.has a default value of "all"
C.defines the network the active policy protects used by all rules to define the internal network

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