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Cisco 500-801 Real Exam Question 10

Which two options are features of the Connected Factory Wireless Autonomous Wireless architecture? (Choose two.)

A.high scalability coordination of operation between APs
C.individual management
D.centralized control for high amounts of data traffic

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Dumps4download 500-801 Exam Question 9

In the Cisco Unified architecture, which action by a workgroup bridge that is configured as a mobile station causes the WGB to search for a new parent association and roam to the new parent?

A.It encounters a poor RSSI.
B.It gets a low battery notification.
C.It travels beyond a specified distance.
D.It confronts a new WLAN.

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Free Cisco 500-801 Exam Question 8

Which two types of application are supported by one or several APs in the Autonomous architecture? (Choose two.)

B.fixed position roaming with no roaming
E.continuously relocating devices

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PDF 500-801 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which action can you use multiple SSIDs in the autonomous architecture to accomplish?

A.Set up maintenance channels only.
B.Combine traffic from all machines into a single place.
C.Segment the IACS control traffic from the noncritical wireless traffic.
D.Increase the amount of interference.

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Cisco 500-801 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which option is a best practice when creating VLANs in the cell/area zone?

A.Design maximum coverage cell/area zones and group multiple traffic types into one VLAN.
B.Design large cell/area zones and segment traffic types into VLANs.
C.Design individual cell/area zones and create a VLAN for every device.
D.Design small cell/area zones and segment traffic types into VLANs.

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500-801 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which three options are Cisco strengths? (Choose three.)

A.products based on standards
B.positive brand recognition
C.alliances with industrial automation leaders
D.lowest cost solution provider
E.leader in providing industrial applications at the site manufacturing and control level

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Free 500-801 Training Exam Question 4

In which zone do sensors, robots, and HMI devices connect to the converged industrial network?

B.distribution zone
C.cell/area zone
D.access zone

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Cisco 500-801 Exam Questions 3

Which two options are drivers for the integration of the enterprise network and the industrial network? (Choose two.)

A.enterprise visibility into industrial data
B.remote expert access to the plant floor to diagnose and resolve problems
C.the push of manufacturing data directly to executive desktops
D.VPN access for smart devices to programmable logic controllers

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Cisco 500-801 Free Exam Question 2

Which industrial sector has the largest opportunity for Cisco?

A.Oil and Gas
B.Process Manufacturing
D.Discrete Manufacturing

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Free Cisco 500-801 Exam Question 1

Which type of security encryption do Industrial Automation and Control Systems use?

A.Advanced Encryption Standard
B.International Data Encryption Algorithm
C.Data Encryption Standard
D.RSA encryption

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