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Exam Description:

The Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection and Analysis (SCYBER) exam is the exam associated with the Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist certification. This exam is aimed at testing the knowledge and skills required to proactively detect and mitigate network security threats by leveraging features that exist in Cisco and other industry network security products today. Designed for professional security analysts, the exam covers essential areas of competency including event monitoring, security event/alarm/traffic analysis, and incident response.

Recommended Training:

The following course is the recommended training for this exam:

  •     Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection and Analysis

Courses listed are offered by Cisco Learning Partners-the only authorized source for Cisco IT training delivered exclusively by Certified Cisco Instructors. Check the List of Learning Partners for a Cisco Learning Partner nearest you.

Exam Number    :     600-199 SCYBER

Associated Certifications  :    Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist

Duration    :       60 minutes (50 - 60 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

Cisco 600-199 Real Exam Question 10

Which will be provided as output when issuing the show processes cpu command on a Cisco IOS router?

A.router configuration
B.CPU utilization of device
C.memory used by device processes
D.interface processing statistics

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Dumps4download 600-199 Exam Question 9

As a part of incident response, which action should be performed? to see if the incident reoccurs
B.custody of information
C.maintain data security and custody for future forensics use
D.classify the problem

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Free Cisco 600-199 Exam Question 8

Which four tools are used during an incident to collect data? (Choose four.)

G.Microsoft Windows7

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PDF 600-199 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which publication from the ISO covers security incident response?


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Cisco 600-199 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which protocol is typically considered critical for LAN operation?


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600-199 Dumps Exam Question 5

Where should you report suspected security vulnerability in Cisco router software?

A.Cisco TAC
B.Cisco IOS Engineering
D.Cisco SIO

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Free 600-199 Training Exam Question 4

What does the acronym "CSIRT" stand for?

A.Computer Security Identification Response Team
B.Cisco Security Incident Response Team
C.Cisco Security Identification Response Team
D.Computer Security Incident Response Team

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Cisco 600-199 Exam Questions 3

In a network security policy, which procedure should be documented ahead of time to speed the communication of a network attack?

A.restoration plans for compromised systems
B.credentials for packet capture devices
C.Internet service provider contact information
D.risk analysis tool credentials
E.a method of communication and who to contact

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Cisco 600-199 Free Exam Question 2

For TCP and UDP, what is the correct range of well-known port numbers?

A.0 - 1023
B.1 - 1024
C.1 - 65535
D.0 - 65535
E.024 - 65535

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Free Cisco 600-199 Exam Question 1

Which command would provide you with interface status information on a Cisco IOS router? status interface running-config ip interface brief interface snmp

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