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Cisco 600-503 Real Exam Question 10

Which two options are suited for remote programmatic access to provision or poll a device? (Choose two.)


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Dumps4download 600-503 Exam Question 9

Which type of infrastructure is needed to implement secure onePK-based application access to the network?

A.IPsec-encrypted GRE tunnels

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Free Cisco 600-503 Exam Question 8

You design the application to configure VXLANs on virtual switches that run on a supervisor like KVM. Which two parameters should be set to each virtual switch by the application? (Choose two.)

A.a VNI for each switch
B.a VNI for each VTEP IP multicast address for each VTEP IP multicast address for each VNI
E.the VXLAN master IP address for each VNI

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PDF 600-503 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which two advantages of an overlay network that consists of virtual switches on supervisors compare with those of physical networks? (Choose two.)

A.Ability to change the logical network topology more easily.
B.Ability to experience higher performance of traffic forwarding.
C.Overlay networks integrate with virtual machines more closely
D.They can support more routing protocols.
E.They are more secure.

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Cisco 600-503 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which option is an international standard for software lifecycle processes?

A.ISO/IEC 27001.2005
B.ANSI/HFES 100-2007
C.RFC 2850
D.ISO/IEC 12207
E.ANSI A137.1.2012

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600-503 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which three options are onePK application hosting modes? (Choose three.) hosting
B.process hosting
C.blade hosting
D.WebEx hosting
E.end-node hosting

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Free 600-503 Training Exam Question 4

Which statement is an example of a requirement that is not well-formed?

A.The application should provide status messages every 60 seconds.
B.The application user interface must be easy to use.
C.The application must validate that the IP addresses that are input by users are valid IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
D.The application must be available for end users between 8am and 8pm EST/EDT, Monday through Friday.
E.The application should restart within 15 seconds.

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Cisco 600-503 Exam Questions 3

Which option does the Agile software development process prefer?

A.use cases
C.user stories
D.UML diagrams
E.flow charts

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Cisco 600-503 Free Exam Question 2

Which three protocols are NETCONF Transport Protocols? (Choose three.)


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Free Cisco 600-503 Exam Question 1

Which three categories are policy capabilities of onePK? (Choose three.) capabilities
B.local capabilities
C.pipeline capabilities
D.platform capabilities
E.table capabilities

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