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Cisco 642-188 Real Exam Question 10

During your assessment of a potential Cisco TelePres ence System 1300 room, you notice:
The ceiling is 8 feel (2 4meters) high and currently i lluminated with recessed parabolic light fixtures.  Which lighting recommendation is the most appropriate?

A. The Cisco Telepresence endpoint has a lighting faca de which is designed to provide enough light for  the participants face and torso, so no lighting chang es are required 
B. The ceiling should be raised higher than 8 feet (2 .4 meters) to accommodate appropriate light fixtures  for use with Telepresence 
C. The existing fixtures are not ideal but are adequa te for use with TelePresence 
D. The existing fixtures should be replaced with rece ssed indirect light textures 
E. No recommendation can be made until the lighting  has been measured with a lux meter in the appropriate zones

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Dumps4download 642-188 Exam Question 9

Which two statements are correct when calibrating the  Cisco Telepresence cameras?  (Choose two)

A. If the room uses fixed artificial light ing, click the Disable radio button fur the Camera Au to  Brightness and Camera Auto Color Balance 
B. If the Auto Adjust test to automatically adjust ligh ting and color balance fails, you may need to add  more light 
C. If the room uses fixed artificial lighting, click th e Enable- radio button for the Camera Auto Brightne ss  and Camera Auto Color Balance 
D. If the room uses outside lighting, click the Disabl e radio button for the Camera Auto Brightness and  Camera Auto Color Balance

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Free Cisco 642-188 Exam Question 8

Which three statements are correct when tuning the cam era on a Cisco  TelePresence  CTS-1xxx system?  (Choose three.)

A. Target placement should match the green and red boxe s on the screen, respectively
B. Place the large target three feet behind the small target.
C. Place the large target five feet behind the small target
D. Tune the camera so that the red and green bars lin e up as closely as possible E. Perform auto-adjust to optimize focus and sharpness

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PDF 642-188 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which statement is correct when tuning the cameras by using the WebGUI of the Cisco TelePresence codec?

A. If there is a noticeable flicker on the screen, the  50 Hz Flicker Reduction button will eliminate the fl icker  and increase the image resolution.
B. If the user is 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 m) away fr om the display, click the 4 feet radio button for the  Focus  Distance radio choice. If the user is farther than 5 fe et (1.5 m) away, click the 6 feet choice.
C. If the room uses outside lighting, click the Disabl e radio button for the Camera Auto Brightness and  Camera Auto Color Balance choices. 
D. Auto Color Balance can produce the best results when  the colors of the walls in your room are white or  gray

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Cisco 642-188 Dumps Exam Question 6

What is the leveling process for the Cisco TelePresence System 1000 frame?

A. With only one display, there is no need to level the frame before attaching it to the wall
B. Attach the frame to the wall and level the frame by raising or lowering the feet.
C. Place a level on the middle and upper crossbars and adjust the feet as necessary to ensure that the frame is horizontally level
D. Place a level on the side of the frame and adjust the feet as necessary to ensure that the frame is vertically level

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642-188 Dumps Exam Question 5

In the Cisco TelePresence administration WebGUI, the  camera Auto Adjust can be used to check which  setting?

A. life size
B. zoom and focus
C. white color balance
D. HDMI input threshold

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Free 642-188 Training Exam Question 4

During your RRA assessment of a potential Cisco TelePresence System 1300 room you notice:  The HVAC diffuser has noticeable noise (measured at48 1d B) which sounds like rushing air  What three recommendations should be made to the customer? (Choose three.)

A. The customer should turn the fan level down on the  HVAC system to insure the fan noise is minimized  in the Cisco TelePresence room 
B. The customer should contact an HVAC specialist to review and recommend an appropriate solution
C.  The customer should not worry about the HVAC fan noise  because the Cisco TelePresence System uses  a noise suppression algorithm designed to identify HV AC fan noise and minimize those frequencies
D.  The customer should replace the diffusers with a diffuse r that is rated with a noise criterion of 10  or  greater  E. The customer should replace the ducting directly above  the room with acoustically treated ducting to  remove the sound of rushing airflow

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Cisco 642-188 Exam Questions 3

When using Auto-Collaborate, what two actions need to be done to display the laptop content after connecting the cable? (Choose two.)

A. Press the Auto-Collaborate softkey
B. Initiate Auto-Collaborate on the codec s GUI
C. Set the laptop resolution to 1024x768
D. Set your laptop resolution to 1024x720
E. Use function key on the laptop to send signal to external display

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Cisco 642-188 Free Exam Question 2

Which statement is correct when discussing the Cisco Tele Presence System 1300.?

A. The system is designed to support meetings of six to eight participants
B. The system features three 65-inch screens, three cameras, microphones, and speakers
C. Voice-enabled switching is performed by the codec to select the active speaker in the room and capture the video for the remote side
D. The power and Ethernet outlets must be positioned directly behind the unit

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Free Cisco 642-188 Exam Question 1

After connecting to a codec via Web GUI, you are prompted for a username and password. Which user name password combination is used on the codec by default?

A. Cisco, Cisco
B. admin, Cisco
C. Cisco, Cisco
D. admin, Cisco

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