Free 642-188 Training Exam Question 4

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Free 642-188 Training Exam Question 4

During your RRA assessment of a potential Cisco TelePresence System 1300 room you notice:  The HVAC diffuser has noticeable noise (measured at48 1d B) which sounds like rushing air  What three recommendations should be made to the customer? (Choose three.)

A. The customer should turn the fan level down on the  HVAC system to insure the fan noise is minimized  in the Cisco TelePresence room 
B. The customer should contact an HVAC specialist to review and recommend an appropriate solution
C.  The customer should not worry about the HVAC fan noise  because the Cisco TelePresence System uses  a noise suppression algorithm designed to identify HV AC fan noise and minimize those frequencies
D.  The customer should replace the diffusers with a diffuse r that is rated with a noise criterion of 10  or  greater  E. The customer should replace the ducting directly above  the room with acoustically treated ducting to  remove the sound of rushing airflow


Answer:  B,D,E

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