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Free 646-206 Training Exam Question 10

Which two features characterize controller based deployments in a WLAN? (Choose two)

A.coverage of large areas
B.individual device configuration
C.roaming that is facilitated by wireless location services
D.coverage of a single area
E.seamless roaming throughout the network

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646-206 Dumps Exam Question 9

In which area of the campus LAN are the user computers attached to the network?


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646-206 Dumps Exam Question 8

 A standard three-­year term, next business day hardware replacement, and telephone support features of which Cisco support program?

B.SMB Foundation
C.Small Business Pro Service

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646-206 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which three customer needs are addressed by Cisco solutions? (Choose three.)

A.reducing day one costs
B.improving productivity
C.gaining competitive advantage
D.focusing on current needs
E. btaining a widevariety of point products
F.reducing TCO

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PDF 646-206 Dumps Exam Question 6

What is the Cisco goal regarding market share for each of the major markets that it s products compete in? compete effectively in every market in which Cisco participates be No.1 or No. 2 in every market in which Cisco participates be in the top 1 percent in every market in which Cisco participates be first in every market in which Cisco participates

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Cisco 646-206 Exam Questions 5

Which option best describes the primary value ofthe Cisco IP Next-­?Generation Network?

A.interoperates seamlessly with customers, though with only a few applications
B.provides unique network intelligence that runs throughout the architecture, regardless oftraffic mix or device
C.embeds intelligence in the core only
D.provides an access-­?specific solution that targets optical and Ethernet products
E.integrates only two of the four Cisco architectures

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Cisco 646-206 Real Exam Question 4

What are three of the major technological and demographic transitions occurring today that are having a profound effect on business and IT? (Choose three.)

A.the adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise due to consumerization
B.the decrease in the number of collaborative tools
C.application of social software in enterprise collaboration
D.predominant and increased use of text-­or document?eccentric communication tools
E.divergence of desktop virtualization and unified communications
F.the increase and foreseen pervasive use of video for all communications

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646-206 Dumps Exam Question 3

You discover that a financial institution is planning to acquire two banks and wants to scale its infrastructure independent of the size of the acquired entities and deliver next-­?generation functionality almost immediately. Which three options are the most appropriate questions to ask business decision maker? (Choose three.)

A.What are your plans for expanding services and offerings toyour customers and your staff?
B.What issues are you experiencing related to technical readiness, implementation, monitoring,and optimization?
C.How are growing costs affecting the flexibility of your company and its profit margin?
D.How quickly can your IT staff roll out new applications?
E.What do you see as the greatest risks to your business?
F.What technical issues concern you the most?

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Cisco 646-206 Free Exam Question 2

Which three services does Cisco provide to customers? (Choose three.)

A.Cisco focuses solely on the cloud and web-­?based offerings, enabling endpoints tocommunicate.
B.Cisco accelerates the ability of IT to align more closely with the business and how peopleactuallywork.
C.Cisco delivers deployment agility across endpoints and the network, including the cloud,whether on premises or off premises.
D.Cisco focuses mainly on devices linking endpoints and applications via a commonframework.
E.Cisco delivers borderless experience across all major devices and operating systems

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Free Cisco 646-206 Exam Question 1

What are three current business factors that are influencing customer decisions in making technology investments? (Choose three.)

A.return on investment
C.number of product features one costs
F.availability of budget

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