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Cisco 646-580 Real Exam Question 10

What are four capabilities that are inherent to all Cisco Smart Services? (Choose four.)

A.installed base management
C.device diagnostics interactions
E.24-hour network monitoring
F.trending analysis

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Dumps4download 650-580 Exam Question 9

What are four advanced BYOD use cases? (Choose four.)

A.guest Wi-Fi
B.corporate Wi-Fi
C.personal mobile device with profiling and provisioning
D.VPN access mail
F.wired BYOD
G.Mobile voice and video access

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Free Cisco 650-580 Exam Question 8

Which statement best describes Cisco TrustSec?

A.  Cisco TrustSec is a Cisco security solution that comprises Cisco Identity Service Engine and Cisco Security Agent. 
B.  Cisco TrustSec is a solution that offers integrated posture, profiling, and guest services to make context-aware access control decisions. 
C.  Cisco TrustSec is an appliance that offers integrated posture, profiling, and guest services to make context-aware access control decisions. 
D.  Cisco TrustSec is a Cisco security product that mitigates security risks by providing comprehensive visibility into who and what is connecting across the entire network infrastructure, as well as exceptional control over what and where they can go.?

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PDF 646-580 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which two statements best describe an enterprise architecture? (Choose two.)

A. The organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure reflects the integration and standardization requirements of the company's operating model.
B. The organizing logic for business processes and communication paths reflect the requirements of the company's operational model.
C. The alignment of various elements and systems into one holistic entity.
D. The operating model is the desired state of business process integration and business process standardization for delivering goods and services to customers.
E. The operational model is the desired state of the IT infrastructure that is required for delivering goods and services

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Cisco 646-580 Dumps Exam Question 6

What are two requirements to enable centralized PoS applications? (Choose two.)

A.physical security at the stores
B.IP surveillance at the stores network infrastructure
D.implementing intrusion prevention at the network edge of the stores
E.reliable and highly available network infrastructure

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646-580 Dumps Exam Question 5

What are two core components of a highly secure Cisco BYOD solution? (Choose two.) code
B.diverse access infrastructure
C.contextual policy
D.complex management
E.efficient and seamless security

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Free 646-580 Training Exam Question 4

What are two business values of Cisco Validated Design and Cisco Smart Business Architecture? (Choose two.)

A.cost reduction

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Cisco 646-580 Exam Questions 3

What is a major challenge of manufacturing markets?

A.managing global supply chains
B.creating a comprehensive learning experience
C.securing online payment information
D.sharing confidential content with a large audience

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Cisco 646-580 Free Exam Question 2

Which two statements best describe the challenges that customers encounter when providing services in a borderless world? (Choose two.) to secure standardized end-user equipment to manage security to access cloud applications and data securely to secure access within the company network
E.the type of WAN to deploy

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Free Cisco 646-580 Exam Question 1

What are two common requirements of most tasks in business processes? (Choose two.)

B.sharing office spaces
E.managing external resources

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