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Cisco 646-985 Real Exam Question 10

What can a business do to respond swiftly to new business requirements?

A. install faster servers and more storage
B. move from a siloed strategy to a service-oriented strategy
C. prevent applications from interacting with one another
D. install a dedicated system, isolated from the rest of the data center

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Dumps4download 646-985 Exam Question 9

As an experienced network engineer, you have acquired much knowledge about Cisco wide area
application services (WAAS). Which feature belongs to Cisco WAAS?

A. firewall security
B. TCP optimization
C. server load balancing
D. Ethernet optimization

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Free Cisco 646-985 Exam Question 8

The main data center is full. A new production system is coming on line this year. Five smaller data centers across the world are fragmented and uncoordinated. What would be a first-step approach?

A. move straight to a virtualization and provisioning strategy across all data centers
B. develop a new business continuity strategy to ensure that all the data centers are properly backed up
C. propose an application optimization solution so that the new production system could be delivered from
blade servers rather than rack-mounted servers
D. implement consolidation around the main data center using Cisco network embedded services as a
means of reducing space, power, and heat in the main data center

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PDF 646-985 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which option describes "blade switches" best?

A. end-of-row switches
B. modules that fit into MDS switches
C. top-of-rack switches
D. modules that fit into blade server chassis

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Cisco 646-985 Dumps Exam Question 6

A customer is considering a full data center virtualization strategy and is deferring network buying decisions. The customer intends to implement VMware before compatibility testing for storage and networking. How could the buying decision be brought forward?

A. Make sure that the customer understands that Cisco has the only complete network solution sets approved by VMware.
B. Quietly ensure that the customer knows that Cisco will shortly be announcing a version of VMware as an embedded network service, so compatibility with Cisco equipment can be guaranteed.
C. Make sure that the customer understands that Cisco has a financial stake and a place on the board of
VMware, so whatever VMware is doing, Cisco is tracking. Any networking products bought from Cisco today are guaranteed to be upgraded to match any changes made by VMware.
D. Explain how the Cisco VFrame Data Center has been tested and approved to provision not only VMware but also the Cisco networking solutions; so today's purchase of Cisco networking equipment automatically integrates into a wider data center virtualization strategy, satisfying both the needs of the existing data center and adapting the virtualized environment as it evolves.

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646-985 Dumps Exam Question 5

You are familiar with both the traditional network sales cycle and the data center sales cycle. What is the main difference between the two?

A. A data center sales cycle begins much earlier in a project.
B. A data center sales professional should use the customer's network team to advise him when best to 100% Real Q&As | 100% Real Pass get involved in the sales cycle.
C. A data center account manager requires more technical skills than commercial skills.
D. A data center sales professional should wait until the design phase is complete before determining which Cisco solution best fits the requirements.

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Free 646-985 Training Exam Question 4

Which response would be the best response to a customer who says, "I would prefer to work with a
specialist supplier"?

A. Most specialist suppliers are just Cisco staff who have broken away to try and make some quick money.
B. Cisco will acquire specialist suppliers after their products are mature, so you might as well work with Cisco today.
C. Specialist suppliers will almost certainly have greater technical capabilities in their own niche area, but Cisco is catching up fast.
D. Cisco data center sales professionals are specialists in a comprehensive range of data center technologies that are tested, integrated, and supported by a single supplier: Cisco.

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Cisco 646-985 Exam Questions 3

Your boss wants to make better use of IT resources. Which TWO of the following options might you

A. role-based access control
B. distributed management
C. embedded network intelligence
D. consolidation of data center resources

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Cisco 646-985 Free Exam Question 2

With this customer challenge, what would be a first-step approach? "The data center's lack of agility is affecting the ability of the business to react swiftly to changing market conditions."

A. create spare application silos that can be deployed rapidly to meet changing business requirements
B. consider a virtualization solution that will help reduce the number of physical switches, firewalls, and security appliances
C. segment the network into a set of physical LAN and SAN islands that can be brought on line rapidly when business conditions change
D. propose a network-embedded application optimization solution so that business applications can react swiftly to changing requirements without needing to change the main application on the server

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Free Cisco 646-985 Exam Question 1

You need to purchase a product that supports the deployment of virtual SSL security contexts logically across the data center network from a single physical device. Which one would you select?

A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module
B. Cisco Firewall Services Module
C. Cisco Application Control Engine Module
D. Cisco Storage Services Module

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