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Exam Description:

This exam tests the Sales and Field Engineer's knowledge of the Cisco IP Video Surveillance solution. Candidates will be tested on basics of digital video, hardware and software components of the Cisco VSM solution, configuration and design of IP Video Surveillance. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Cisco IPVS course offered by Cisco Advance Services Education.

Recommended Training:

Cisco Partners can access Sales Connect for access to a variety of training content to help them prepare for this exam.

Exam Number    :      648-238 CCPS1

Duration    :    90 minutes (75-85 questions)

Available Languages    :    English, Japanese

Register    :    Pearson VUE

PDF 648-238-Dumps Exam Question 10

A system administrator is adding a new LTS media server to Operations Manager. Which three things must be configured? (Choose three.)

A.IP address of the Operations Manager
B.IP address of the LTS media server
C.username and password for Operations Manager
D.username and password for LTS media server
E.password for Operations Manager
F.password for LTS media server

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PDF 648-238 Dumps Exam Question 9

Which Cisco Video Surveillance IP cameras can be configured as an indoor, vandal-resistant camera, without the use of a third-party external enclosure?


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648-238 Dumps Exam Question 8

Which two OS + browser combinations are supported for viewing video using Cisco SASD? (Choose two.)

A.Windows XP SP3 + Internet Explorer 8 (32- or 64-bit)
B.Windows 7 (32-bit) + Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit)
C.Windows 7 (32-bit) + Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit)
D.Windows 7 (64-bit) + Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit)
E.Windows 7 (64-bit) + Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit)

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Free Cisco 648-238 Exam Question 7

Users are is complaining of an error message when they first log into VSOM. The message is red on a black background. What should be done?

A.Their workstations are not powerful enough. Replace their workstations.
B.This is not an error. A default view has not been selcted.
C.They are using an unsupported browser, and should switch to Internet Explorer.
D.They are not using Microsoft Windows, and only Windows PCs are supported.

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648-238 Dumps Exam Question 6

In VSM 6.3.2, which of the following options cannot be used to create a snapshot?


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Cisco 648-238 Exam Questions 5

What would be the advantage of using multicast instead of unicast to transport the camera video stream in the Cisco Video Surveillance solution?

A. When viewing video stream on multiple operator workstations, the network will only be taxed with a single multicast stream.
B. Multicast configuration on the switching and routing infrastructure is less complex than configuration for unicast traffic.
C. You can configure one camera for streaming to two media servers at the same time, for data redundancy purposes.
D. Multicast is not supported in the Cisco Video Surveillance solution.

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Latest Cisco 648-238 Exam Question Number 4

In VSM 6.3.2, how can PTZ cameras be controlled?

A. USB joystick only
B. USB mouse only
C. PTZ interface control in VSOM only
D. By a USB joystick, USB mouse, or PTZ control interface in VSOM.

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Latest Cisco 648-238 Exam Question Number 3

Which three archive storage capacities are valid, per partition, in a virtualized Cisco VSM deployment on Cisco UCS C-Series? (Choose three.)

A. 2 TB virtual disk
B. 4 TB virtual disk
C. 8 TB virtual disk
D. 8 TB mapped raw LUN
E. 16 TB mapped raw LUN
F. 32 TB mapped raw LUN

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Latest Cisco 648-238 PDF Download Question 2

2.What are the two differences between interlaced and progressive scan video.? (Choose two.)

A. Progressive scan video is generally better with fast-moving objects
B. Interlaced video is generally better with fast-moving objects
C. Interlaced video is constructed out of alternating odd and even lines
D. Progressive scan video is constructed out of alternating odd and even lines

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Pass your Cisco Exam 648-238 Practice Question 1

When the CPS-MSP-2RU-K9 server is turned on, it starts beeping and continues to do so,even if the server seems to be operational.What is causing this issue?

A. The clock battery in the server is drained and must be replaced.
B. One of the fans in the power supply has failed.
C. The incoming power voltage into the power supply is too low or too high.
D. One of the hard disk drives has failed and must be replaced.

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