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PDF 650-082 Dumps Exam Question 10

What are the two categories into which the replaceable cards fall?

A.Fan cards and application cards
B.Linear cards and fan cards
C.Application cards and linear cards

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PDF 650-082 Dumps Exam Question 9

What type of Cisco ASR 5000 service is needed for communication between a Cisco MME and serving gateway?


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650-082 Dumps Exam Question 8

Which feature is one of the main features offered by Cisco Smart Services?

A.Lower operational costs
B.Remote remediation
C.Strengthened IT security
D.Accelerated time to market

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Free Cisco 650-082 Exam Question 7

Which statement about Cisco SGSN is true?

A.Cisco SGSN adheres to defined 3GPP standards for mobility management, packet data,
and accounting.
B.Cisco SGSN can support 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000
C.Cisco SGSN supports 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000
D.Cisco SGSN supports single Cisco SGSN and SGSN instances on multiple Cisco ASR
5000 requests.

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Cisco 650-082 Real Exam Question 6

Which two statements about the PMM-DETACHED state are true? (Choose two)

A. A 3G SGSN cannot reach the mobile Subscriber location because the location in
B. The Mobile subscriber performs a routing area update of the routing area update if the
routing area changes.
C. The service RNC tracks the location of the mobile subscriber.
D. The Mobile subscriber location is Known in 3G SGSN with an accuracy of a Serving
E. The mobile subscriber and SGSN contexts hold no valid location or routing information
for the mobile subscriber.
F. Signaling towards the HLR is needed if 3G SGSN does not have an MM context for this
mobile Subscriber.

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Free Cisco 650-082 Exam Question 5

Hoe do you configure the system to store CDRs on the local GTPP storage Server?

A. Execute the gtpp storage-server mode command
B. Execute the storage-server mode local command
C. Execute the storage-server mode local file command
D. Execute the storage-server mode command

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Latest Cisco 650-082 Exam Question Number 4

Which of these is characteristic of the online software upgrade on the Cisco ASR 5000 series?

A. The system accepts new sessions during online upgrade.
B. The online upgrade allows active sessions to be maintained until they are selfterminated (subscriber ends the session) or meet the optionally defined upgrade limit values.
C. The final step is to migrate active PSCs to standby PSCs.
D. The online upgrade should not be performed during a plane maintenance window

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Latest Cisco 650-082 Exam Question Number 3

How many VLAN tags may contain each physical port on an Ethernet 1000 line card?

A. Up to 2000
B. Up to 1820
C. Up to 124
D. Up to 1024

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Latest Cisco 650-082 PDF Download Question 2

Your customer wants to stream line their support staff. Which Cisco services should you recommend?

A. Advanced services
B. Technical services
C. Remote management services
D. Cisco smart card

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Cisco Certified 650-082 Exam Question Number 1

In which interface configuration is the GPRS service defined in same context as the interfaces?

A. Gd over frame relay
B. Gr over IP
C. Gb over IP
D. Gb over frame relay

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