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PDF 650-148 Dumps Exam Question 10

Which solutions are channel partners most likely to promote?

A.All except Hosted, since resellers don't get "credit" for the hosted appliances at Cisco
B.Only Hybrid Hosted, because that involves the most installation services with the least
ongoing commitment
C.Appliances, Hosted, Hybrid and Managed are all good for resellers because Cisco
IronPort margins make them profitable
D.Appliances only, because resellers can keep more service revenue for themselves

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PDF 650-148 Dumps Exam Question 9

Cisco IronPort email security appliances can replace which of the following?

A.Email Gateways
B.Mail User Agents
C.Groupware servers

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650-148 Dumps Exam Question 8

Which of the following solutions currently supports PXE encryption?

A.Managed Email Security
B.Hosted Email
C.Hybrid Hosted

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Free Cisco 650-148 Exam Question 7

When a recipient receives a message that was encrypted on the C-Series, how can they read it?

A.Forward it as an attachment to their nearest Cisco IronPort reseller for decoding
B.Paste the message into the free CRES decoder service web page
C.Open the attachment and enter their personal password
D.Ask the sender for the private key they used during the encryption

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Free Cisco 650-148 Exam Question 6

Which of the following is not a competitor with a hosted email filtering service?

A. Symantec/Message Labs
B. AOL/Time Warner
C. Google/Postini
D. Microsoft/FrontSridge

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Cisco 650-148 Dumps Exam Question 5

You want to know how soon the customer is likely to make a purchasing decision. Which of the following questions would be the best to ask?

A. What products are you evaluating this year?
B. When does the contract on your current solution expire?
C. Do you usually finance your network security purchases?
D. How dissatisfied are you with your current solution?

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Pass Your Cisco 650-148 Question Number 4

Which of the following costs the most relative to others?

A. Hybrid Hosted
B. Appliances
C. Hosted Email
D. Managed Email Security

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Latest Cisco 650-148 Exam Question Number 3

VOF stands for

A. Virus Operations Function
B. Verdict Optimizing Feature Verdict Optimizing Fitter
C. Virus Outbreak Filters

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Latest Cisco 650-148 PDF Download Question 2

Most of the features on the M-Series management appliance are specifically for

A. ScanSafe customers
B. Email Security Customers
C. Web Security Customers

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Pass Your Cisco 650-148 Exam Sample Question 1

Which of the following Cisco IronPort subscription options offers the lowest per-year cost?

A. 5-year commitment
B. 3-year commitment
C. 1-year commitment

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