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Exam Description:

his exam tests a candidate's knowledge of Cisco rack mount servers and virtualization solutions. Topics covered include selling C-series products and components, key product features and benefits and product positioning.

Recommended Training:

  •     Cisco Unified Computing System: C-series Servers for Account Managers (UCSCAM)

Cisco Partners can access Sales Connect for access to a variety of training content to help them prepare for this exam.

Exam Number    :     650-281 UCSCAM

Associated Certifications  :    Cisco UCS: C-series Sales Specialist

Duration    :        30 minutes (20 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

Cisco 650-281 Real Exam Question 10

A client wants recurring analyses of the performance data and configurations from the network and data center devices. The information will provide a continuous strategic view of the data center environment Which Cisco Data Center service would you recommend?

B.Efficiency and facilities
C.Strategic IT and architecture
D.IT planning and deployment

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Dumps4download 650-281 Exam Question 9

Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers come with internal local storage. The C-Series Servers are capable of which RAID configuration?

A.RAID 2 and 3
B.RAID 1 and 2
C.RAID 3 and 4
D.RAID 0 and 1

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Free Cisco 650-281 Exam Question 8

Who would be the first and best person to convince that the Cisco Unified Computing System is the right platform for them?

A.Chief technology officer (CTO)
B.Storage architect
C.Server administrator
D.Chief information officer (CIO)

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PDF 650-281 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which two actions should you perform to profile a prospective customer?

A.Engage internal support.
B.Interview key stakeholders.
C.Develop an engagement plan.
D.Present a service-level agreement.
E.Pursue a demo workshop

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Cisco 650-281 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which two statements are benefits of the Cisco UCS C-series rack-Mount Servers?

A.Proprietary, lossless, high-latency, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Unified network Fabric
B.System designed to increase TCO
C.40 Gigabit Ethernet Unified Network Fabric
D.The use of patented Cisco Extended Memory technology
E.A platform purpose-built for virtualization

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650-281 Dumps Exam Question 5

What would be a good response to offer a customer who claims that a Cisco Unified Computing System solution is expensive and may not have a large return on investment?

A.  Cisco UCS C-Series Servers allow integration with existing competitor servers, thus providing for easier upgrades and replacement of outdated systems. 
B.  Cisco UCS C-Series Servers offer a cost-effective solution where customers buy only what they need, reducing upfront costs while offering integration possibilities in the future. 
C.  Cisco UCS C-Series Servers have higher up-front costs but lower costs of maintenance and management in the future, thus reducing long-term total cost of ownership. 
D.  Competitors are unable to provide an evolution into unified computing without purchase of the Cisco UCS C-Series Servers

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Free 650-281 Training Exam Question 4

The Cisco UCS C250 Ml server helps increase performance for large-data-set workloads and database management. What are the two features of C250?

A.Reduced power needs
B.Fixed I/0
C.High bandwidth I/O
D.Large memory
E.Managed user accounts
F.Automated backup

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Cisco 650-281 Exam Questions 3

In which step of the sales cycle should you secure a solutions architecture workshop

A.Engage an extended sales team to develop a preliminary solution.
B.Define and plan.
C.Confirm the strategy,
D.Deliver a solution

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Cisco 650-281 Free Exam Question 2

You are proposing a solution to a potential client which two items should you include in your proposal? (Choose two)

A.Training to manage the proposed system
B.Defining the service delivery requirements
C.A list of competitors and their products
D.The statement of work
E.A deployment plan and list of necessary equipment to integrate

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Free Cisco 650-281 Exam Question 1

Which three steps should you follow to engage a potential Cisco UCS customer? (Choose three.)

A.Define and plan.
B.Confirm the strategy
C.Review the client's needs.
D.Deliver a solution.
E.Engage an extended sales team to develop a preliminary solution
F.Confirm the sale.

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