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PDF 650-621 Dumps Exam Question 10

Which WLAN service component within the prepare phase assesses the customers business and technical requirements and includes a solution value assessment?

A.Business Case Development
B.Technology Strategy Development
C.High-Level Design Development
D.Business Requirements Development

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PDF 650-621 Dumps Exam Question 9

Which three of these activities are part of Migration Plan Development? (Choose three.)

A.Define Migration Team Roles and Responsibilities
B.Develop Migration Strategy
C.Validate Design WLAN Infrastructure
D.Develop Test Plan for New Operational Processes
E.Develop Implementation Schedule
F.Collect and Verify Site-Specific Implementation Requirements

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650-621-Dumps Exam Question 8

Which three of these tasks go into developing a migration strategy? (Choose three.)

A.Identify Core Infrastructure Implementation Requirements and Timelines
B.Review Low Level Design with Emphasis on Order of Implementation Activities
C.Verify High Level Site-Specific Installation Requirements
D.Define Failure Recovery Procedure and Risk Mitigation Strategy
E.Develop Test Plan, Test Cases, and Execution Methodology
F.Review Migration Plan and Implementation Schedule

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Free Cisco 650-621 Exam Question 7

During which phase should you be assisting your customer in identifying post-
implementation systems improvements, as well as introducing opportunities for selling
additional services to your customer?


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Cisco 650-621 Free Exam Question 6

Which of the following best describes the purpose of using lifecycle services for deploying an advanced wireless solution?

A. Provide a consistent, repeatable, and proven method to ensure the network solution that
is deployed delivers upon the customer's goals for reliability and availability.
B. Create a more effective sales strategy for partners.
C. Reinforce customer confidence in partners selling products.
D. More clearly define the roles of account managers, systems engineers, and fieldengineers.
E. Maximize the number of services required to support advanced technologies

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Cisco 650-621 Real Exam Question 5

In the optimize phase, which tasks is associated with the Operations Assessment Service

A. Analyzes and Document Hard Dollar, Productivity and Business Initiatives Gains
B. Obtain Security Procedures and policies
C. Identify Gaps between existing and best practices
D. Establish call volume baselining
E. Document Memory and CPU utilization

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Cisco Certified 650-621 Exam Question Number 4

Which of the following wireless service components occur in the implement phase?

A. WLAN Change Management, Security Administration, Technology Assessment, Operations Plan
B. Project Kickoff, Staging, Systems Acceptance Testing, Ongoing Support Handoff Meeting
C. Operations Readiness Assessment, Systems Requirements Validation, Planning Project Kickoff, Service Assurance
D. Security Assessment, Operations Assessment, Supplier Management

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Cisco Certified 650-621 Exam Question Number 3

Which service component in the optimize phase assesses network vulnerabilities and makes recommendations to help reduce the risk of attacks over the wireless network?

A. Security Assessment
B. Operations Assessment
C. Technology Assessment
D. Change Management
E. Operations Readiness Assessment

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Latest Cisco 650-621 PDF Download Question 2

Which activity is part of the wireless system acceptance testing service component?

A. Develop Escalation Plan
B. Develop Project Management Plan
C. Set up Customer for Operational Support
D. Execute Test Cases

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Cisco 650-621 Exam Question 1

Which three of the following activities occur in the problem management service component of the wireless operate phase? (Choose three.)

A. Provide Hardware and Software Support to Resolve Incidents
B. Classify Groups of Known Incidents as Problems
C. Track Events and Report on System Availability, Resource Capacity, and Performance
D. Document Issues Encountered During Software Upgrade and Methods Used to Resolve Issues
E. Recover from Incident Outage
F. Conduct Post-Change Evaluations

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