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Cisco 650-968 Real Exam Question 10

What is The default username and password on the Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server?

A.admin, password
B.admin, admin
C.adin, Cisco
D.Cisco. Cisco

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Dumps4download 650-968 Exam Question 9

Up to how many 2.5-inch hard drives are supported on a Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server?


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Free Cisco 650-968 Exam Question 8

What are the twotypes of EEM policies? (Choose three.)

A.An applet
B.bat script
C.tbc script
D..tic script
E.Shell script

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PDF 650-968 Dumps Exam Question 7

When you upgrade the BIOS firmware, what additional components will also require an upgrade on a Cisco UCS C220 M3 Series rack server?

A.The BIOS upgrade is independent and does not require any other upgrades.
B.When you upgrade the BIOS firmware, you must also upgrade the CIMC firmware to the same version or the server will not boot.
C.There is no action required.
D.An NX-OS upgrade is also required at the same time.

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Cisco 650-968 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which enhanced feature on the Cisco Catalyst switch allows you to obtain MAC addresses and access port information that is associated with conversations?

A.QoS Shaping
B.Flexible NetFlow
C.QoS Policing

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650-968 Dumps Exam Question 5

While running a Cisco Catalyst 3000 switch, StackWise Plus will transmit traffic according to which three rules? (Choose three.)

A.The node has data to send
B.The node has a route
C.The node has credit
D.The node has a Cisco Discovery Protocol relationship
E.The upstream neighbor is not transmitting
F.The upstream neighbor has credit
G.The upstream neighbor has joined adjacencies

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Free 650-968 Training Exam Question 4

In a Cisco Catalyst 3000 switch, which QoS feature typically delays excess traffic, smoothing bursts and preventing unnecessary drops?


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Cisco 650-968 Exam Questions 3

Which utility is used to upgrade the firmware of Cisco UCS C-Series rack server?

A.Cisco CIMC upgrade utility
B.RAID controller upgrade utility
C.BIOS upgrade utility
D.Cisco UCS Host upgrade utility

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Cisco 650-968 Free Exam Question 2

What is the Cisco proprietary technology that extends the 802.3 PoE standards to provide the capability to source up to 60 W of power over standard Ethernet cabling infrastructure?


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Free Cisco 650-968 Exam Question 1

How many DDR3 DIMM slots are available on a Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server for memory?


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