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Cisco 650-987 Real Exam Question 10

What are three service categories that are of ten found in cloud computing solutions? (Choose  three.)

A. Software-as-a-Service
B. Storage-as-a-Service
C. Platform-as-a-Service
D. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
E. Security-as-a-Service
F. IP Communications-as-a-Service

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Dumps4download 650-987 Exam Question 9

Which statement represents a key differentiator of the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage  architecture?

A. Cisco maintains a distinct identity by distancing Cisco technology from all other vendors.
B. Cisco retains customer lock-in by promoting proprietary standards.
C. Cisco maximizes architectural flexibility by ensuring that option are not limited by preconfigured solutions.
D. Cisco uses a unifying architecture with policy-based management and provisioning across the layers.

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Free Cisco 650-987 Exam Question 8

Whic h  three  specifications  are  considered  to  be  architectural  and  mechanical  specifications   of a data center? (Choose three)

A. unauthorized access
B. available space
C. load capacity
D. fire suppression
E. resilience
F. cooling capacity

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PDF 650-987 Dumps Exam Question 7

What is the first phase of the Cisco Application Networking Assessment Service?

A. application networking workshop collection questionnaire for customers
C. presentation of the assessment service
D. data center analysis

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Cisco 650-987 Dumps Exam Question 6

What is one of the most important business needs with regards to today's data centers?

A. complex technology
B. reliable and available services
C. fast connectivity between servers
D. monolithic environment

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650-987 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which t hree are network layers of the Ci sco architectural design? (Choose three.)

A. access
B. consolidation
C. switch
D. distribution (aggregation)
E. core
F. server

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Free 650-987 Training Exam Question 4

What  are  the  three  steps  to  follow  to  engage  a  potential  Cisco  Unified  Computing  System   customer with a qualified Cisco solution? (Choose three)

A. Review the needs of the client
B. Create a client profile.
C. Confirm the strategy.
D. Deliver a solution.
E. Define and plan.
F. Engage an extended sales team to develop a preliminary solution.
G. Confirm the sale
H. Conduct market research

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Cisco 650-987 Exam Questions 3

ou   work  at  a  large  university  and  are  trying  to  decrease  the  number  of  people  deploying   software in multiple areas for specific classr oom needs and requests so that you can focus on  modernizing the learning environment. What can you do to help achieve this?

A. implement a custom solution that me e ts the immediate needs of the client
B. work with an ecosystem storage partner to promote a Cisco MDS-based solution that can meet the new storage capacity requ irements that will be required
C. implement a Cisco Unified Computing system with an optimized VMwa re installation to manage virtual desktops
D. work with a channel partner to supply multiple classroom-based PCs together with a Cisco networking solution to deliver high-speed communications

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Cisco 650-987 Free Exam Question 2

Which operational effect does the Cisco  UCS  "stateless server" deployment  model bring  to the customer?

A. The server administrator can combine the resources of multiple servers.
B. It enables easier and faster repurposing of servers.
C. Server deployment can be optimized from a power perspective.
D. It requires more administrative work on first server deployment.

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Free Cisco 650-987 Exam Question 1

Which  server  would  be  a  better  fit  for  a  customer  who  wants  to  increase  both  performance   and the capacity for demanding virtualization and large data-set workloads?

A. Cisco UCS C250
B. Cisco UCS C200
C. Cisco UCS C210
D. Cisco UCS C460

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