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Cisco 700-280 Real Exam Question 10

Refer to the exhibit. You have finished an installation, but the customer cannot receive mail from a business partner. Based on the mail log, how should you explain this to the customer? How can you allow this mail to be accepted into the customer's domain?

A. Allow mail delivered from this site by changing the RAT settings from moderate to conservative.
B. Have their business partner contact IronPort support to adjust their reputation score.
C. The business partner's MTA has been blocked based on their reputation. Adjust the settings on the blacklist from -10 to - 3.0 to -10 to-7.7. The suspectlist will scan this domain for spam
D. The business partner's MTA has been blocked based on their reputation. Suggest whitelisting their partner's domain, but caution them about anti-spam being disabled.

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Dumps4download 700-280 Exam Question 9

Which two CLI commands allow us to retrieve the XML configuration file for backup purposes? (Choose two.)


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Free Cisco 700-280 Exam Question 8

Your customer has the default spam settings on their appliance. They need an immediate reduction in missed spam, but without increasing their false positive rate. How should you advise them?

A.Enable Intelligent Multi-Scan
B.Enable Marketing Mail Detection.
C.In the HAT settings, increase the SBRS threshold for the BLACKLIST sender group.
D.Advise their end users to use the spam plugin or send false negatives samples to

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PDF 700-280 Dumps Exam Question 7

In the DLP Policy Manager, you have changed the "Action Applied to Messages:" from the default setting to "drop" for those messages with critical severity. All other severity settings are left at default. What action will be applied to messages classified at medium severity?


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Cisco 700-280 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which of the following vendors produce Anti-Virus enginesfor the C-Series? (Choose two.)


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700-280 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which ESA function maintains a set of rules that control incoming connections from remote hosts for a listener?

D.Sender group

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Free 700-280 Training Exam Question 4

Using default settings, what describes the difference between rating suspect and positive spam?

A.Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 74 and positive is 75 or greater.
B.Suspect spam is matched into the SUSPECTLIST, where as Positive spam matches on the BLACKLIST.
C.Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 89 and positive is 90 or greater.
D.Suspect spam has a reputation score between-1 and-3 and positive is between-3 and-10.

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Cisco 700-280 Exam Questions 3

Which default port is used by the Cisco ESAto quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance?

A.port 25fTCP
D.port 6025/TCP

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Cisco 700-280 Free Exam Question 2

In a "one armed installation" using a single listener, how would the system differentiate between incoming and outgoing email?

A.  Mail flow direction is determined by the "Recipient to" field in the SMTP envelope. 
B.  Mail flow direction is determined by the type of listener, public verses private. 
C.  Mail flow direction is determined by using the source IP address. 
D.  Mail flow direction is determined by the "Mail From" field in the SMTP envelope

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Free Cisco 700-280 Exam Question 1

If the marketing message detection feature mislabels legitimate mail as marketing, which action corrects this error?

A.Turn off Marketing Message Detection.
B.Whitelistthe domains that send the mislabeled messages.
C.Send samples of mislabeled legitimate mail to
D.Send samples of mislabeled legitimate mail to

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