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Cisco 700-281 Real Exam Question 10

Which statement is true?

A.The L4TM allow list overrides the block list.
B.The overlap of the L4TM allow list and block list is the L4TM grey list
C.The L4TM block lists override the allow lists.
D.L4TM allow list and block list overlaps are not permitted.

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Dumps4download 700-281 Exam Question 9

Which of these uses ICAP?

A.Decryption policies
B.Anti-malware scanning
C.Data loss prevention policies
D.Cisco IronPort Data Security policies

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Free Cisco 700-281 Exam Question 8

Which statement about the S-Series native FTP proxy is not true?

A.Access policies may apply to native FTP traffic.
B.Data loss prevention policies may apply to native FTP traffic
C.Authentication is supported in transparent mode.
D.Both active and passive mode FTP are supported.
E.By default, the FTP proxy uses port 8021.

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PDF 700-281 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which of these is not an action that is associated with HTTPS decryption policies?


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Cisco 700-281 Dumps Exam Question 6

If authentication is enabled, which statement is true?

A.Client reports will display both the username and IP address of the clients
B.Client reports will display the IP address of the authentication server.
C.Client reports are not affected by authentication.
D.Client reports will display authenticated usernames.

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700-281 Dumps Exam Question 5

For WSA SaaS Access Control, the Identity Provider is:

A.An ICAP server that the WSA is configured to communicate with
B.Integrated into the WSA.
C.Deployed by the SaaS service provider.
D.Integrated into the Authentication Server

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Free 700-281 Training Exam Question 4

You are helping the customer configure authentication. A new AsyncOS upgrade becomes available; what should you do?

A.Avoid mentioning the upgrade to the customer.
B.Immediately show the customer how to run the CLI command upgrade.
C.Contact customer support and ask them to run the upgrade for you.
D.Schedule a convenient time to upgrade again, backing up the configuration before and after the upgrade.

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Cisco 700-281 Exam Questions 3

Which of the following is NOT provided by AVC?

A.Deep IM control
B.Media bandwidth control
C.Web usage quotas
D.Safe Search

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Cisco 700-281 Free Exam Question 2

How long is reporting data kept on record in WIRe by default?

A.45 days for both "blocked traffic", and for "allowed traffic"
B.1 year for "blocked traffic", and 45 days for "allowed traffic"
C.1 year for both "blocked traffic", and for "allowed traffic"
D.45 days for "blocked traffic", and 1 year for "allowed traffic"

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Free Cisco 700-281 Exam Question 1

If you want to create a ScanSafe filter that will block any shopping or gambling website, what should you add to the filter?

A.Specific file types
B.Specific domains and URLs
C.Specific keywords
D.Specific URL categories

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