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Cisco 700-302 Real Exam Question 10

Although all of these options are part of a secure network, which two things need to be considered specifically because of the rise of mobility and an extr emely connected workplace? (Choose two.)

A.intrusion prevention (to block attacks)
B.policy and identity (for trusted access) security (for hosted and hybrid systems)
D.ASA device configuration
E.content security (for email and the web)

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Dumps4download 700-302 Exam Question 9

Which of the following is network system virtualizat ion technology that pools multiple Cisco Catalyst  6500  Series  Switches  into  one  virtual  switch,  incr easing  operational  efficiency,  boosting  nonstop  communications, and scaling system bandwidth capacity tol. 4Tb/s?

B.vPC peer switches
D.vPC peer link

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Free Cisco 700-302 Exam Question 8

Which component of the Cisco Smart Business Architectur e provides the underpinning infrastructure on  which all other services and applications rely?

A.WAN optimization foundation
C.user services service

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PDF 700-302 Dumps Exam Question 7

What is the main goal of the Cisco Borderless Network? allow people to keep in touch with family members all around the world promote energy efficiency in data centers allow people to communicate on any device within the parameters of their networks connect anyone, anywhere, on any device

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Cisco 700-302 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which layer inthe hierarchical model is known as the backbone that glues together all the elements of the campus architecture?


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700-302 Dumps Exam Question 5

What is a characteristic of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture?

A.It increases operational complexity.
B.It does not yet offer its own network security options.
C.It is an energy-efficient solution.
D.It does not provide on-demand services

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Free 700-302 Training Exam Question 4

Which  solution  gives  visitors  the  ability  to  ac cess  the  Internet  through  a  secure,  scalable,and  cost-effective solution?

A.Cisco TrustSec
B.Cisco Unified Wireless Network Guest Access
C.Cisco SAFE Blueprint
D.Cisco Wireless Control System

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Cisco 700-302 Exam Questions 3

What would you use to track guest provisioning and g uest network use statistics, including login and  logout times?

A.Cisco ClientLink
B.Cisco Wireless Control System
C.Cisco SAFE Blueprint
D.Cisco ScanSafe

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Cisco 700-302 Free Exam Question 2

What are the primary components of the Cisco Smart Business Architecture?

A.WAN optimization, video streaming, and user services foundation, network services, and user services
C.WAN optimization, network services, and user services
D.WAN optimization, network services, and Internet edge security infrastructure

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Free Cisco 700-302 Exam Question 1

Which of the following uses Cisco Security Intelligence Operations threat intelligence to protect those  users with a vulnerable browser by blocking any connections to websites that may spread an attack or  malware?

A.Cisco IronPort Web Security
B.intrusion prevention system

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