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Cisco 700-601 Real Exam Question 10

Which three options are reduced with flash use in the data center? (Choose three.)

A.Management overhead
B.Networking fabric
C.Cost of each HDD
D.Energy consumption
E.Floor space

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Dumps4download 700-601 Exam Question 9

What is the primary benefit of eliminating redundant data?

A.Store less information on others' technology, which makes our platforms very efficient
B.Store more information off our technology, which makes our platforms very efficient
C.Store less information on our technology, which makes our platforms very efficient
D.Store more information on our technology, which makes our platforms very efficient

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Free Cisco 700-601 Exam Question 8

Which two options are the two main products in the Invicta portfolio? (Choose two.)

A.Stand-alone appliance
B.Stand-alone array
C.Scaling appliance
D.Scaling array
E.Latency appliance
F.Latency array

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PDF 700-601 Dumps Exam Question 7

How fast can a Cisco UCS Invicta system recover a RAID disk?

A.1 week
B.1-2 days
C.15-20 hours
D.2-5 hours
E.5-10 minutes
F.20-40 minutes

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Cisco 700-601 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which option does Cisco recommend for customers who require a larger, shared system?

A.Invicta Stand-Alone Appliance
B.Invicta Silicon Nodes without the Scaling
C.Invicta Scaling System
D.Silicon Router without the Silicon Nodes

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700-601 Dumps Exam Question 5

What is the flash development cycle compared to HDD, based on the Parity Research example?

A.Nearly one third
B.Nearly one quarter
C.Nearly half
D.Almost the same

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Free 700-601 Training Exam Question 4

Which option is not a real example of how fast Cisco UCS Invicta performs?

A.Load 15 billion records in 1 hour with Postgre SQL.
B.Boot 600 virtual desktops in less than 4 minutes.
C.Bulk load 3 billion records in 5 hours with Oracle.
D.Load 1 billion records in 48 minutes with MYSQL.
E.Batch process 1 billion records in 10 minutes without indexing with Oracle.
F.Transfer two DVDs per second.

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Cisco 700-601 Exam Questions 3

Which three workload types are recommended for the Cisco UCS Invicta solution? (Choose three.)

A.High transaction rate apps
B.Big data
D.Disk backup
E.Infrequently used data
F.Batch processing

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Cisco 700-601 Free Exam Question 2

Which three options are three benefits of fast enterprise flash-based storage? (Choose three.)

A.90% reduction in power/cooling/physical footprint
B.30% reduction in power/cooling/physical footprint
C.Greater latency than disk
D.250x more throughput than disk
E.50% reduction in power/cooling/physical footprint
F.Random IO/virtualization friendly

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Free Cisco 700-601 Exam Question 1

Cisco UCS Invicta addresses many needs of storage customers. Which need is least impacted by Cisco UCS Invicta?

A.Reducing costs
B.Reducing complexity
C.Accelerating applications
D.Archival backup

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