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Cisco 700-603 Real Exam Question 10

Which three options are three benefits of bringing data acceleration into the computing domain? (Choose three.)

A.Natural evolution of fabric computing, adding flash as a resource to the UCS fabric
B.Enables provisioning of caching in front of slower storage media
C.Easily consumable by customers via UCSD templates
D.Improved data center power/cooling efficiency compared to stand-alone, network- attached, all-flash solution
E.Brings scalable solid state acceleration closer to the application
F.Provides fast storage not previously possible

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Dumps4download 700-603 Exam Question 9

How many PCIe slots are available in the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance for additional 10 cards'?


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Free Cisco 700-603 Exam Question 8

What is the IP address block of the default management interface?


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PDF 700-603 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which settings must be configured on the management interface bond?

A.IP address, subnet mask, MTU, mode, and boot order
B.IP address, subnet mask, MTU, and mode
C.IP address and subnet mask
D.MAC address. IP address, subnet mask, and MTU
E.MAC address, subnet mask, MTU, and mode

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Cisco 700-603 Dumps Exam Question 6

Assume a 4 K block with 50% writes and 50% reads. What is the approximate number of input/output operations of a typical SAS hard disk drive?

A.About 10-20IOPS
B.About 100-200IOPS
C.About 1.000-2.000 IOPS
D.About 10.000-20.000 IOPS
E.About 100.000-200.000 IOPS

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700-603 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which option is the approximate latency of the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance in application- acceleration mode?

A.100 milliseconds
B.1 microsecond
C.100 nanoseconds
D.100 microseconds
E.1 millisecond
F.1 second

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Free 700-603 Training Exam Question 4

Which two statements describe the functions that two components of MapReduce provide? (Choose two.)

A.The Mapper builds a route through the Hadoop network.
B.The Mapper tells the cluster which data points it wants to retrieve.
C.The Mapper takes the data and aggregates it.
D.The Reducer heuhsticalfy prunes the decision tree.
E.The Reducer partitions a large query into smaller queries.
F.The Reducer takes the data and aggregates it.

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Cisco 700-603 Exam Questions 3

Which option describes mirrored LUNs?

A.They are available only with the data reduction nodes.
B.They are available in only the Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling Solution
C.They are available in only the Cisco UCS Invicta Appliance.
D.They are available in the Cisco UCS Invicta Appliance and Scaling Solution.

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Cisco 700-603 Free Exam Question 2

Approximately how many hard disk drives are needed to support a VDI environment that requires 50,000 IOPS?

A.The number of hard drives needed does not depend on the number of IOPS.

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Free Cisco 700-603 Exam Question 1

Which statement about the creation of a new LUN when enabling LUN mirroring is true?

A.The new LUN must be created on a performance node.
B.The new LUN must not reside on the same scaling solution node as the original lun to be mirrored.
C. The new LUN must reside on the same scaling solution node as the original LUN to be mirrored.
D. The new LUN must be created on a data reduction node.

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