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Cisco 700-703 Real Exam Question 10

Which logical representation of policies between endpoint groups in application-centric infrastructure isprovidedby one EPG andconsumedby another?

B.private network (Layer 3)
C.endpoint group

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Dumps4download 700-703 Exam Question 9

What are the four aspects of an endpoint group contract?

A.subject, filter, action, ports
B.subject action, path, label
C.subject, filter, action, label
D.subject, filter, path, action

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Free Cisco 700-703 Exam Question 8

Which option describesthe ACI fabric information that is contained in the proxy station table?

A.Addressesof all hosts attached to the ACI fabric.
B.Addressesof all hosts attached directly to the leaf.
C.Globalcache of station endpoints.
D.Local cache of station endpoints.

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PDF 700-703 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which logical separator is applied to trafficadministration visibilityand other operational aspects of the ACI fabric?

A.endpoint group
B.application network policy
C.Layer 2 through Layer 7 network policies of the application.

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Cisco 700-303 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which layer inthe hierarchical model is known as the backbone that glues together all the elements of the campus architecture?


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700-703 Dumps Exam Question 5

ACI fabricsupportsdiscovery, boot,inventory,and systemmaintenanceprocessesusing whichcomponents?

A.Spine nodes
B.Leaf nodes

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Free 700-703 Training Exam Question 4

The ACI fabric provides decoupling of which aspects of the data center network?

A.Endpoint identity,IP addressing,and application profiles.
B.Endpoint identity,location,and associated policy.
C.Endpoint groups,location,and application profiles.
D.Endpoint groups,IP addressing,and associated policy.

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Cisco 700-703 Exam Questions 3

Which two options describe information that is included in the VXLANVNID to identify forwarding information between the ingress nodes?(Choose two)

A.APIC that set the VXLAN VNID.
B.Egress node that set the VXLAN VNID.
C.VRF context to which the packet belongs.
D.EPG from which the frame is source dand the bridge domain to which this packet is forwarded.
E.List of spine and leaf nodes through which the packet flow.

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Cisco 700-703 Free Exam Question 2

Where in the APICGUIare local users created?

B.Tenant>Tenant Name
C.System >Users
D.Fabric > Access Policies

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Free Cisco 700-703 Exam Question 1

Which aspect of an endpoint group contract is optional?


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