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Cisco 820-424 Real Exam Question 10

Which two options are examples of critical success factors that might affect the consumption of solutions and services? (Choose two.)

A.Increase the productivity of the sales force.
B.Increase the percentage of servers virtualized.
C.Increase the overall speed of the campus LAN.
D.Reduce the time to market for launching new products

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Dumps4download 820-424 Exam Question 9

Which of the following defines the relationship between critical success factors and KPIs?

A.  Critical success factors define what must happen in order for success to be achieved, whereas KPIs are measurements that help determine the level of performance actually attained.
B.  Critical success factors define how things should be measured, whereas KPIs determine when to take each measurement.
C.  Critical success factors define when to take each measurement, whereas KPIs determine how things should be measured. 
D.  Critical success factors and KPIs are essentially the same thing.

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Free Cisco 820-424 Exam Question 8

Which two options are generally part of the process for creating an implementation road map? (Choose two )

A.consider inter-dependencies of each building block
B.create a detailed bill of materials
C.break down the project into solution building blocks
D.Develop a stakeholder analysis

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PDF 820-424 Dumps Exam Question 7

What is the purpose of a key performance indicator?

A.To prove the quality of the project
B.To provide a way to measure project success
C.To justify project costs
D.To allocate responsibilities

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Cisco 820-424 Dumps Exam Question 6

What is the purpose of the Stakeholder Power/Influence Grid?

A.It acts as a CRM tool for managing stakeholders
B.It assists with understanding the viewpoints of each stakeholder
C.It assists with understanding the views of each stakeholder
D.It assists with determining what actions to take with each stakeholder

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820-424 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which option is a business benefit that maybe realized from the implementationof a business outcomes-focused technology intervention?

A.Increased proportion of services that is delivered in the cloud
B.reduced time to market for new products
C.reduced technology management overhead
D.reduced number of servers that are required in the data

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Free 820-424 Training Exam Question 4

Which option describes a dependency?

A.the reliance of one component on the functionality of another component
B.a financial term for determining revenue generation requirements
C.a reliance upon both quantitative and qualitative benefits of a solution component
D.a way of grouping and classifying similar solution building blocks

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Cisco 820-424 Exam Questions 3

What should you do in identifying solutions that fulfill the capability needs of the customer?

A.First, look at the features available and then identify whether these exist in an available solution.
B.First, identify the relevant Cisco architectures and potential solutions. Next, move on to features.
C.Include only those offerings which the customer has requested information on in the past.
D.Place the most attention on new ideas or needs which have recently come up in project brainstorming sessions

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Cisco 820-424 Free Exam Question 2

Which statement about a "viewpoint" is true?

A.A viewpoint and statement of requirements are equivalent in accuracy
B.Viewpoints describe a stakeholder's preference and desired capability
C.Requirements can be met, while viewpoints reflect stretch goals that are more difficult to realize
D.For a viewpoint to be considered, you should confirm at least three stakeholders agree it is a top priority

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Free Cisco 820-424 Exam Question 1

Which two options show how regular post-implementation business reviews with the customer assist with governance best practice? (Choose two.) providing a forum for learning about new or changed business requirements providing a forum for selling additional products and services providing a way to regularly review actual performance against targets set and (if necessary) agree mitigating actions providing a way to develop and enhance the relationship with the customer's business and technical decision makers

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