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Exam Description:

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge on use of advanced solution-and outcome-based selling approaches, to help customers meet their digital business goals.

Recommended Training:

  •     Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques (BTEABVD)

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Exam Number    :     840-425

Associated Certifications  :    Cisco Business Value Practitioner

Duration    :        90 Minutes (60 - 70 questions)

Available Languages    :    English

Register    :    Pearson VUE

Cisco 840-425 Real Exam Question 10

The customer has previously implemented a Cisco network management solution. You have an opportunity to improve security and threat detection. Which approach is an appropriate way to tie together the benefits of the solutions?

A.Explain how the security software leverages underlying capabilities of the network management solution.
B.Describe how proprietary technology elements provide the customer with the most advanced solution, which eliminates risk to a business unit.
C.Identify the financial benefits not yet realized with the network management solution, and ensure they can be attained through the security solution.
D.Select the top five value-added aspects of the security solution, and model the financial benefit under three scenarios. This exercise gives insight into possible levels of benefit.

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Dumps4download 840-425 Exam Question 9

Which statement explains why a requirement is different than a viewpoint?

A.Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.
B.Requirements must come from one person.
C.Requirements state needs and viewpoints are thoughts.
D.Requirements come from users and viewpoints come from executives.

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Free Cisco 840-425 Exam Question 8

Which two options are benefits of implementing IT as a Service? (Choose two.)

A.Shift from CAPEX to OPEX.
B.Shift from OPEX to CAPEX.
C.Does not require technical support.
D.Increases device dependency.
E.Provides predictable expenses

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PDF 840-425 Dumps Exam Question 7

Which option describes what a change leader is responsible for?

A.telling people how they should do their work
B.assigning key people to be role models
C.planning to fill open jobs
D.deciding how to give out favors

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Cisco 840-425 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which statement describes a benefit of using scenarios for business transformation?

A.They allow you to prototype the user interface without full development of all screens.
B.They give the customer a way to relate needs and potential benefits through example situations.
C.They increase your influence with the customer, because scenarios selectively show your industry insight.
D.They show the customer what is possible with the latest version of your technology solution

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840-425 Dumps Exam Question 5

What relationship helps achieve a bigger impact to obtain business value?


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Free 840-425 Training Exam Question 4

Which task is part of the Qualification phase of the Cisco Integrated Sales Process?

A.Define customer business issue.
B.Preliminary solution aligned to business issue.
C.Customer budget enquiry.
D.Customer approves solution design

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Cisco 840-425 Exam Questions 3

Which three benefits will partners see when creating a roadmap that aligns IT initiatives to the customer's business? (Choose three.)

A.Clear view of investments.
B.Revenue growth.
C.Technology adoption.
D.Competitive advantage.
E.Increased profitability

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Cisco 840-425 Free Exam Question 2

Which two options are characteristics you will find on a roadmap of business-aligned IT initiatives? (Choose two.)

A.Must contain the details of the sales proposal.
B.Must target the right approach.
C.Must involve the appropriate group intelligence and profile a specific level of detail.
D.Must include network diagrams of all the solutions involved.

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Free Cisco 840-425 Exam Question 1

How does IT contribute to facilitate the creation of a business strategy?

A.By developing applications that represent a broad competitive advantage.
B.With solutions that have unique functionality, focused in every area of the business.
C.contracting services that help reduce costs and optimize the budget.
D.using robust technology solutions throughout the organization

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