PDF 300-370 Dumps Exam Question 9

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PDF 300-370 Dumps Exam Question 9

A company consists of two adjacent buildings, each with its own Cisco 5508 WirelessController with APs joined to the controller in the building. The two controllers areconfigured identically except for interface IP addresses. Only one SSID is being used inboth buildings. The clients in building A are not experiencing any connectivity issues, but(he clients in building B report poor connections An engineer performs a site survey andfinds co-channel interference, yet discovers mac Transmit Power Control was neverperformed on the APs and that Radio Resource Management is not functioning like it doesin building A Furthermore, the controllers are in the same RF group and controller A iselected RF leader Which action will improve client connections in building B?

A.Ensure WMM is enabled on the SSID.
B.Manually select controller B as RF group leader.
C.Configure controller B to be in a separate RF group.
D.Doable the low data rates on the a radio and the b/g radio in building B


Answer: C

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