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500-230 Dumps Exam Question 5

One of your peers show <NO NEG> in the SHOW BGP VPNV4 UNICAST SUMMARY output
What is the cause of this?

A.The label value ranges are mismatched.
B.The peer has no prefixes with a Route-Target that the local router is importing.
C.The BGP prefixes between the routers have not fully converged and will correct itself in time.
D.The peer router is not configured to use the VPNv4 address-family for this connection.

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Free 500-230 Training Exam Question 4

What is the TRACE command?

A.A packet tracer showing the path of a packet from ingress to egress in the router.
B.The replacement for TraceRoute in IOS-XR.
C.A form of always-on debugging available for a subset of commands.
D.Exactly the same as the debug command, must be explicitly turned on.

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Cisco 500-230 Exam Questions 3

Which command is used to configure an interface that does not currently exist in the system?

A.interface preconfigure
B.preconfigure interface
C.interface vrf preconfig
D.controller preconfigure

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Cisco 500-230 Free Exam Question 2

Which command removes a user from configuration mode but keeps the user connected to the router?

A.clear line
B.clear session
C.clear commit
D.clear config session

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Free Cisco 500-230 Exam Question 1

What is the default MP-BGP address-family on IOS-XR?

A.IPv6 unicast
B.There is no default address-family
C.IPv4 unicast

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700-651 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which Customer Lifecycle touch point demonstrates commitment to the business objectives of a customer by suggesting complimentary solutions?

A. Maximize Customer Investment Value
B. Evaluate Expansion Opportunities
C. Identify Coverage Gaps
D. Capitalize on Renewals

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Free 700-651 Training Exam Question 4

Which options are the Cisco user-based license models?

A. Cisco UWL and Cisco UCL
B. Cisco WUL and Cisco CUL
C. Cisco Flex Plans
D. Cisco User Integration and Adoption Plans

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Cisco 700-651 Exam Questions 3

How does Cisco Enterprise licensing provide a customer advantage?

A. It requires individual licensing per device
B. It simplifies collaboration solutions
C. It simplifies bandwidth licensing
D. It requires individual licensing per product

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Cisco 700-651 Free Exam Question 2

Which feature of SWSS eliminates the need to repurchase software licenses?

A. software updates
B. expert support
C. license portability
D. license updates

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Free Cisco 700-651 Exam Question 1

Which component of AMP provides the details that customers need to address problems after a breach How long do new workforce employees stay with a company on average?

A. 5 to 10 years
B. 9 to 15 years
C. 3 years or less
D. 3 to 5 years

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Cisco 700-265 Real Exam Question 10

Which component of AMP provides the details that customers need to address problems after a breach is identified?

A. context awareness
B. file sandboxing
C. rapid remediation
D. continuous analysis
E. network control

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Dumps700-4download 700-265 Exam Question 9

Which two Cisco business values demonstrate features of end-to-end protection and protection across the attack continuum? (Choose two.)

A. completeness
B. cost effectiveness
C. protection
D. control
E. flexibility

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