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642-270 Dumps Exam Question 5

Given the following:

Cisco TelePresence endpoint A: In the Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Quality is set to High detail, Good Motion 720p Cisco TelePresence endpoint B: In the Unified CM, Quality is set to High detail, Best Motion 1080p
What happens when Cisco TelPresence endpoint A calls Cisco TelePresence endpoint B?

A. Cisco TelePresence endpoint A gets a fast busy.
B. The call connects, but it drops witha ° Confi gur ati on mi s mat c ¡± er ror on Ci sco Tel ePr esence endpoint B
C. Cisco TelePresence endpoint B quality upgrades to 1080p and the call goes through at 1080p.
D. Cisco TelePresence endpoint B quality drops down to 720p and the call goes through at 720p. 

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Cisco 650-299 Real Exam Question 10

What is the recommended approach to selling Cisco TelePresence?

A. Sell to IT because they will drive the implementation.
B. Sell to an identified chief officer or line-of-business owner because they are the budget creator.
C. Sell to the video-conferencing manager because they own all video implementations.
D. Sell to the procurement manager because

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Dumps4download 650-299 Exam Question 9

What would you call an endpoint or system "handshake" with the VCS?

A.  call access control
B.  interworking
C.  registration
D.  aliasing

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Free Cisco 650-299 Exam Question 8

How big is the screen on the Cisco TelePresence System EX90?

A.  24 inches
B.  18 inches
C.  32 inches
D.  28 inches

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PDF 650-299 Dumps Exam Question 7

What is the position of Cisco TelePresence in the worldwide enterprise voice market share?

A.  second in contact center and unified messaging
B.  first in audio conferencing and contact center
C.  first in unified messaging arid TelePresence
D.  second in enterprise voice

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Cisco 650-299 Dumps Exam Question 6

Many small organizations with existing standard-definition video environments are looking for a seamless transition to high-definition video. Which would be the idea TelePresence bridge?

A.  Cisco TelePresence MCU 4501 Series
B.  Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 Series
C.  Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series
D.  Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500 Series

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650-299 Dumps Exam Question 5

What is a characteristic of the Cisco TelePresence Codec C20?

A.  Works with the Video Compositor tool.
B.  SIP device has w448p video resolution and bandwidth of up to 1152 kb/s.
C.  Powers the Clinical Presence System.
D.  Comes with the Cisco TelePresence inTouch interface

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Cisco 650-296 Real Exam Question 10

Which two of these tasks should be completed to enable calls through a firewall? (Choose two)

A.  Create one traversal server zone on the VCS Expressway for any VCS Control that is running a traversal client
B.  Configure the traversal server zone with details of the corresponding zone on the traversal client
C.  Create a traversal server zone on your local VCS Control Build Your Dreams
D.  Configure VCS with details of the corresponding zone on the traversal server
E.  Create a traversal client zone on your local VCS Control

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Dumps4download 650-296 Exam Question 9

Which of these is a disadvantage of a single-zone (VCS) WAN model?

A. No endpoints will be able to place calls if connectivity is lost to the VCS location
B. Not all signaling goes through the VCS in the headquarters, causing signaling traffic across the WAN link
C. If interworking is required, the media does not go through the VCS in the headquarters, even if the video call is from a branch office endpoint to another endpoint in that office
D. Flexibility cannot be assured in the headquarters configuration

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Free Cisco 650-296 Exam Question 8

Which MSE blade provides high-definition multipoint control unit support?

A.  Cisco MSE 8510 Media2
B.  Cisco MSE 8420 Media
C.  Cisco MSE 8350 IP GW
D.  Cisco MSE 8220 VCR

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PDF 650-296 Dumps Exam Question 7

How does the VCS Expressway allow secure traversal of a firewall?

A.  It uses a designated port to allow all traffic to pass through the firewall
B.  It takes the place of a firewall to control trusted messages using a pre-set list of destinations
C.  It makes outbound connections only
D.  It prohibits all incoming and outgoing message from untrusted destinations

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Cisco 650-296 Dumps Exam Question 6

Which two of these configurations must be applied when dialing from an IP endpoint to an ISDN destination? (Choose two)

A.  A dial plan rule must be created
B.  Gateway services numbers should mimic incoming PSIT routing methods
C.  The Cisco TelePresence Software Version TC4.0 protocol is required
D.  DID mapping must be configured on the ISDN gateway Build Your Dreams
E.  A prefix mus

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